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All The News That Fits the RNC

Reported by Ellen - June 16, 2004 -

Today at 8:34 AM MDT, Fox News Live reported that the 9/11 Commission announced there is no credible connection between Iraq and Al Qaeda. Was there any mention that this directly contradicts Vice President Dick Cheney's recent allegations? Of course not. In fact, Foxnews.com quickly printed a report that could be seen as an attempt by the Bush Administration to spin their side of the story.

Titled, Officials: Zarqawi Likely Operating in Fallujah, the piece authored by "Fox News" conveniently ties together several favorite Republican talking points:

That one of the world's most dangerous terrorists, Al-Zarqawi, "thought to be" coordinating attacks in Iraq, is based in Fallujah;

That the details of Zarqawi's whereabouts and his plans to ramp up attacks on coalition forces came about as the result of interrogations by Iraqi police of an Iraqi detainee;

While not an official member of Al Qaeda, Zarqawi has links to them, he is an ally of them and has nevertheless "joined the club of leading terrorists that includes Usama bin Laden, his deputy Ayman al-Zawahri and few, if any, others," according to unnamed US officials;

That "intelligence officials believe Al-Zarqawi has cells or links to Muslim extremists around the world;"

That Al-Zarqawi and his group are blamed for a number of attacks on coalition and UN forces including the beheading of Nicholas Berg.

No attempt is made to verify these unattributed reports. The remarks seem to have been transcribed without question.

Note: The end of the story says that Bret Baier and the Associated Press contributed to this report. While earlier today there was an AP story stating that the 9/11 Commission report bluntly contradicted Cheney's allegations of a tie between Al Qaeda and Iraq, that story seems to have disappeared by 9:26 pm MDT.