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The Five

November 13, 2011

Monica Crowley: Americans Are Sick Of Attack Politics (But Pay No Attention To My Record Of Attack Politics)

Monica Crowley appeared on Hannity last Wednesday (11/9/11) and did her part to defend Herman Cain by attacking the so-called liberal media for having the nerve to ask him a debate question about allegations of sexual harassment against him – as if she wouldn’t be up in arms if a moderator had failed to ask the same question of a liberal candidate had he or she been in that position. Crowley said smugly, “At large, the American people are sick of political correctness and they’re sick of attack politics.” Oh, really? Then I’m looking forward to a new and improved Monica Crowley. Because the one I know has always reveled in attack politics.

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Reported by Ellen at 3:29 PM

November 10, 2011

Eric Bolling Adds Media Matters To The Cain Conspiracy

Glenn Beck had his Caliphate Clues, now The Five’s Eric Bolling has his Cain Conspiracy Cabal™. News Hounds reported Tuesday how Bolling blamed shadowy “Democrat” operatives for the Herman Cain sexual harassment allegations. Against all logic and evidence to the contrary, he contended the Democratic Party has been working behind the scenes to tear down Republicans and Right Wing candidates; this is just Cain’s turn in the dunk tank. Not content to leave it there, Bolling doubled down the next night. He added “the left wing nutjobs at Media Matters and all the other leftie blogs” (which includes News Hounds, I guess) to the clandestine group trying to take down Herman Cain. Watch:

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Reported by Aunty Em at 10:01 AM

November 8, 2011

Eric Bolling Takes Herman Cain’s Conspiracy Theory One Crazy Step Further

The accusations that Herman Cain allegedly sexually harassed several women is a classic “She said/He said” news story, with no corroborating evidence for either side (at the time of this writing). When one woman came forward to make allegations, Cain was pretty much forced to hold his own presser to push back at the charges. And there it stands. However, while he denied all, Cain also said he knew who was responsible for his troubles: the “Democrat Machine.” When Fox “News” cut to an abridged version of The Five, Herman Cain was obviously going to be the topic. That’s when it got crazy. Eric Bolling was only happy to echo Cain’s conspiracy and Bob Beckel kept trying to (figuratively) knock some sense into him. But Bolling wasn't having any of that because he took the conspiracy to new heights: He practically blamed every problem that every conservative has ever had on a mysterious Democratic cabal that he would never name, no matter how many times Beckel tried to drag it out of him. Watch the fireworks:

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Reported by Aunty Em at 9:09 PM

November 2, 2011

The Five Get The Herman Cain Story Right. Not So Fast, Gutfeld!

While I had hoped this moment would NEVER come to pass, it’s time to drop a compliment about the Fox “News” show The Five, of which I have been very critical. On yesterday’s show, when The Five started to take on the Herman Cain sex harassment scandal, I braced with trepidation. News Hounds has previously noted how much misinformation, or already debunked facts, are usually dispensed with the loud arguments on The Five. Furthermore, it’s no secret that Fox News does everything in its power not to find fault with the GOP and the “four against one” of The Five accentuates that defense. However, after a several listenings to this segment I can not find a single significant misstatement of facts or a full-throated defense of Herman Cain. More importantly (and this seemed to be true for the entire show yesterday), they weren’t yelling and interrupting each other like they do normally.* I have to agree with Bob Beckel, who said near the end of the segment, “This, by the way, is a very good conversation about this [and] I’m glad we got some people who understand the press side of this thing.” Watch:

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Reported by Aunty Em at 11:02 AM

October 28, 2011

Why Is Aunty Em Apologizing To Steve Doocy?

Twitter has several problems. One of them is the 140 character limit. If I could keep my thoughts to 140 characters, I never would have become a professional writer. Another problem with Twitter is that when one starts to follow people (okay, these are problems I have with Twitter), it becomes so easy to snipe at them. Those two problems merged yesterday morning and the end result is an unreserved apology to my newest Twitter friend, Foxy Friend Steve Doocy. Maybe I should start at the beginning and, as with many other apologies, it all began with a non-thinking tweet:

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Reported by Aunty Em at 8:12 AM
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