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Police Conduct

January 13, 2011

Glenn Beck Whines: Only 14 Legislators Sign His Pledge Scam So Far

It’s been an interesting week for Fox “News” watchers—and by that I mean those like the News Hounds who try and make sense of the never-ending stream of mendacity and spin. Ever since the Tucson Massacre the station has been heavily invested in a campaign of misdirection, in order to pretend that words have no consequences or, in the alternative, if words do have consequences Sheriff Dupnik’s head should be on the chopping block for having the temerity to speak the truth about violent rhetoric and the media which pumps it into the marketplace of ideas. No one is more invested in pretending the past didn’t happen than Glenn Beck (unless it’s half-Governor Sarah Palin). On Monday Glenn Beck launched his pledge scam. By Wednesday (01-12-11) he was already whining about how few legislators were willing to affix their signature to his latest media contrivance. Only 14 signed their ‘John Hancock’ to Beck’s pledge, as if it has the import of a founding document. To Beck this smacked of political cowardice because, after all, what kind of person wouldn’t sign a pledge to renounce violence?

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Reported by Aunty Em at 4:27 PM

February 27, 2009

Kimberly Guilfoyle Describes Concern For Civil Liberties as “Anti-American”

FOX News' Kimberly Guilfoyle, an attorney and, according to FOX News, a member of the advisory panel of the American Bar Association, should be ashamed of herself. Guilfoyle has seemed desperate for attention lately. But she ventured into Ann Coulter territory last night (2/26/09) when Guilfoyle hammily attacked the American Civil Liberties Union for its campaign to advise people of Constitutional rights in Washington's Olympic Peninsula where the border patrol has been especially aggressive. With video.

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Reported by Ellen at 3:55 AM

September 2, 2008

FOX host wants protesters locked up and left in jail

Mentioned in passing this morning was FOX and Friends' conflating a relatively small number of so-called anarchists' actions at the RNC with peaceful protests by thousands, while simultaneously overlooking the arrest of journalists including Democracy Now's Amy Goodman. RawStory has more on the Friends' comments.

Reported by Chrish at 9:28 PM

February 1, 2008

Edwards' "Two Americas" exemplified on FOX and Friends

Geraldo Rivera was a guest this morning 2/1/08 on FOX and Friends, to discuss a couple of random unimportant criminal cases from around the country. He related a personal story that brought to mind the disparity in treatment of the favored classes in our country and the rest of us.

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Reported by Chrish at 3:24 PM

December 27, 2007

Trace Gallagher Gets Shouted Down By Guest Over Who Killed Bhutto

Trace Gallagher, filling in for Shepard Smith today on Studio B spoke with Husain Haqqani, a friend of Benizir Bhutto. Haqqani has also been an advisor to Pakistan ambassadors and is a trusted journalist.

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Reported by Donna at 5:30 PM
Sean Hannity Defends Accused Murderer, reported by Marie Therese,