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Occupy Wall Street

November 16, 2011

Fox & Friends Uses Gold Star Father To Attack CA Mayor

The Fox "friends" love veterans and love to feature stories about veterans - except for those that are about veterans being beaten up at "Occupy" protests! If there is any injustice - except for veterans being beaten up at "Occupy" protests - shown to American veterans, the red, white, and blue pals are there to expose the outrage. And according to Fox News, such an outrage took place in Richmond, California where the mayor was not doing her duty to honor veterans on Veterans Day. What made this even more of an egregious outrage was that according to the Fox News website and Fox Nation, this "California Mayor Snubs Veterans to Attend Occupy Rally." Spreading the word about this dastardly deed were the patriots on Fox & Friends who didn't really tell the whole story but all's fair in love, war, and character attacks on Fox & Friends who, in this patriotic segment, had a Gold Star dad as a human shield.

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Reported by Priscilla at 12:18 PM

Hannity Discusses Occupiers’ Anti-Semitism With His Favorite Bigot

Despite his history of outlandishly bigoted statements on Fox News, Rev. Jesse Lee Peterson was welcomed back to the Hannity show again Monday night (11/14/11), this time to smear discuss the Occupy movement. Hannity seems as fond of Peterson as ever and announced that he’s (still) “on the board” of Peterson’s charity. In fact, Hannity is on the Advisory Board, as opposed to the board of directors. While other people would probably want to distance themselves from a guy like Peterson, it’s telling that Hannity overstated his connection.

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Reported by Ellen at 12:47 AM

November 15, 2011

"Journalist" (?) Steven Crowder Freaks Out About "Scumbag" Occupiers

Steven Crowder's website's unattributed claim, that he is "FoxNews’ brightest, funniest young Conservative mind," is actually quite amusing in that the only accurate word is conservative. But it seems that he's all grown up and is now a "journalist." At least that's the term used by Fox & Friends' Dave Briggs when he hosted Crowder, on Sunday's Fox & Friends, for a rant about evil Occupiers who hassled Crowder when they disrupted a conservative conference. Crowder, last seen on Fox when he whined about Jon Stewart's left wing bias, was given an almost uninterrupted platform from which to communicate the newest Fox "News" meme about those lawless, violent, and dirty f*#king OWS protesters. Oh, the irony! And while Crowder might not be doing comedy anymore, he's still a pathetic joker.

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Reported by Priscilla at 10:18 AM

November 12, 2011

On Fox & Friends: Alveda King Disses OWS, Rev. Jesse Jackson, and ACORN

As the saying goes, Martin Luther King Jr. must be rolling in his grave if he knows that his niece, Alveda King, has become a tool for Fox News - a network that is diametrically opposed to everything King stood for. He would be appalled that his relative is allowed to invoke the Civil Rights movement in order to denigrate liberal African-American leaders while promoting the views of a network that provides a platform for opposition to union, minority, immigrant, and reproductive rights on their television, website, and a blog that tolerates racist commentary and death threats directed towards our first African-American president. He would be disgusted that his niece is embraced by a media outlet that tolerates the kind of race baiting that allows statements like Ann Coulter's "our blacks are better than their blacks" to go unrebutted. But that doesn't matter to Alveda King who is always more than happy to go on Fox "News" to promote whatever right wing talking point needs talking about and diss liberal black leaders. The newest right wing trope is about the lawlessness of the "Occupy" movement. And now that Civil Rights veteran Rev. Jesse Jackson has compared it to the Civil Rights struggle, Fox needs to do some spinning. And who better to do that than the uber right wing Alveda King who was interviewed, earlier this week, on Fox & Friends. It was propaganda gold. She provided the requisite message that "Occupy" and the Civil Rights movements can't be compared and in so doing, got to diss Jesse Jackson and - are ya ready for it - those scary black people in ACORN! Once again, Fox will overcome!

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Reported by Priscilla at 3:46 PM

November 11, 2011

Fox Nation Still Longing For Occupy Protesters To Be Murdered

By Aria

As many Newshounds know, I have been spending a lot of time on Fox Nation lately, creating a “case file” of the violent ill-will their “civil, tolerant” membership displays towards the movement. I began doing this after readers threatened Van Jones after Fox Nation posted an inflammatory - and distorted - article about him. Since then, the unhinged hatred has continued: finding police brutality against Occupy protesters "inspiring," openly discussing murdering the Occupy protesters and finding it "funny" when an Occupy Oakland protester got hit by a car. So it's not all that surprising that this article, showing the police beating arm-linked protesters with little to no provocation, got voted as "inspiring." However, the zeal for violence against the protesters - and yes, more talk of murder - is literally sickening.

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Reported by Guest Blogger at 2:37 PM
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