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John Boehner

October 3, 2011

Hank Williams, Jr. Crashes And Burns As A Fox News Political Pundit

Hank Williams, Jr. appeared on Fox & Friends this morning and, undoubtedly knowing that Williams is a Republican, the Curvy Couch Crew decided to probe his thoughts about the 2012 presidential election. The ensuing trainwreck as Williams compared President Obama to Hitler and called Obama “The Enemy!” proved too much even for these three hosts. It probably guarantees this will be the last time anyone on Fox asks for Williams’ political opinion again. How bad was it? Bad enough that Gretchen Carlson made a point of disavowing his comments after the segment was over. UPDATED: Williams dropped from ESPN's Monday Night Football.

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Reported by Ellen at 3:05 PM

September 21, 2011

Cavuto Gives A Friendly Platform For Tea Party Challenge To “Socialist” John Boehner

By Brian

Apparently, no (right-wing) view is too extreme to get a warm welcome on Fox News. On Monday (9/19/11), Neil Cavuto and Your World gave a warm welcome to Tea Party candidate and primary challenger to House Speaker John Boehner (R-OH), David Lewis. Lewis quickly proved just what kind of candidate he is – by calling Boehner a socialist and complaining that he “refuses to phase out” such “socialist policies” as Social Security, Medicare, Medicaid and food stamps.”

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Reported by Guest Blogger at 8:46 PM

September 1, 2011

First, Fox News Attacks Obama For Scheduling His Speech On Wednesday, Then Attacks Him For Changing It To Thursday

In case anyone needs proof that Fox News will attack President Obama no matter what he does, check out how the "fair and balanced" network handled the scheduling of his upcoming address to Congress about jobs. First, a fair amount of time was spent attacking President Obama for scheduling the address on Wednesday, September 7, because that’s the day of a Republican presidential candidate debate. In the middle of the Hannity show, it was announced that the date had been switched to Thursday, September 8. Did anyone on Fox show any gratitude or appreciation for the change? Heck no! They kept right on attacking him for the original schedule but now added that he had “caved.”

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Reported by Ellen at 1:19 AM

January 30, 2011

Fox News Continues Its Boehner Make-Over Plan To Get The Speaker To Stop Crying

At the beginning of January, I noted that there seemed to be an official Fox News effort to get Republican House Speaker John Boehner to turn off the waterworks. That effort continued Friday night and into the weekend as first Bill O’Reilly and then Chris Wallace suggested that Boehner should stop crying and get a grip. This being Fox News, the effort didn’t come without a slap at Democrats – in this case O’Reilly suggested that President Obama’s State of the Union shout out to Boehner was a deliberate ploy to bring on blubbering. But there was no mistaking the continuation of a persistent effort to staunch the tears. At the end of his interview with Boehner, Wallace made it clear he was going to keep up the pressure on Boehner about it.

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Reported by Ellen at 11:41 PM

January 6, 2011

Now It’s Bill O’Reilly And Dick Morris Suggesting Boehner Should Cut Out The Crying Jags

After seeing now four Fox News pundits publicly suggest that new Speaker of the House John Boehner should turn off the waterworks, I’ve got to wonder if this isn’t an official Fox News effort to get Boehner to stop blubbering.

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Reported by Ellen at 9:32 AM