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Joe Biden

August 25, 2011

Laura Ingraham Joins Fox “News” Veep Attack Machine With Panache

One of the Fox “News” memes this week was the almost non-stop drip, drip, drip over recent comments by Vice President Joe Biden, taken out of context. He said that China’s one child policy was “unsustainable.” Because he didn’t say it was Godless and Heathen, it’s been one of those “All Hands On Deck” Fox “News” attacks on the Veep that even extends to secondary Fox “News” personalities like Laura Ingraham. Whenever a segment ends, like this one does, with Steve Doocy saying, “It’s a story that they’re not talking about on the mainstream media,” you know it’s a story about somebody dissing one of God’s Many Commandments as interpreted by Fox “News.” THOU SHALT NOT HAVE ABORTIONS OR BIRTH CONTROL UNLESS YOU ARE RICH. And, you’ve got to admire how guest Laura managed to work in attacks on Biden’s Roman Catholic religion, Planned Parenthood, Margaret Sanger, creeping eugenics in ‘Merka, President Obama’s standing in the religious Latino community, and more. All in a in a 3 and a half minute tour de force of Ingraham playing her version of Six Degrees of Beelzebub. Watch:

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Reported by Aunty Em at 7:58 AM

August 3, 2011

With The Debt Ceiling Negotiations Over, Fox Ratchets Up Its War On Democrats

It’s absolutely astounding to me how discussions there have been on Fox News about Vice President Biden’s allegedly calling the Tea Party “terrorists.” Never mind that Republican Congressman Doug Lamborn likened President Obama to a “tar baby.” As Sarah Palin and Sean Hannity demonstrated last night, there's nothing too awful that can be said about Obama, as far as Fox is concerned. But this particular lack of balance goes way beyond political bias. It’s Item A on Fox News’ political agenda: declaring war on Democrats.

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Reported by Ellen at 5:00 PM

August 2, 2011

Hannity And Guests Check Into Jon Stewart’s GOP Special Victims Unit With Hypocritical Hanctimony Over Joe Biden’s Alleged “Tea Party Terrorist” Comment

It was less than a week ago that Jon Stewart put together one of his most hilarious – and devastating – videos highlighting Fox News pundits’ hypocrisy in playing the victim card. Sean Hannity came off especially foolishly. Last night (8/1/11), Hannity checked back into what Stewart dubbed the “GOP Special Victims Unit” as Hannity and guests whined incessantly about Vice President Joe Biden calling the Tea Party "terrorists" – while ignoring Biden’s statement denying having said it and disregarding what Hannity called Biden’s apology. But in the same show, Republican guest Dee Dee Benkie called President Obama “so un-American” without the slightest bit of concern from any of the conservatives. Video of Hannity and Stewart's GOP: Special Victims Unit segments after the jump.

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Reported by Ellen at 9:47 AM

November 21, 2010

FOX & Friends Spin Biden Interview To Claim He Said Americans Are “Too Stupid To Get It”

By Aria

FOX & Friends weekend line-up did the weekday trio proud yesterday (11/20/10) with their take on a non-controversial compliment by Joe Biden in a GQ interview in which he referred to Obama as “brilliant” in response to being asked about the President’s perceived aloofness. The Friends twisted that into a claim that Biden had just, by proxy, said that the American Public is “too stupid to get it.” But Biden actually stated that he found Obama’s faith in the American Public impressive. How about a quick dose of context?

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Reported by Guest Blogger at 5:46 PM

June 22, 2010

Hume Suggests McChrystal Was Justified In Criticisms Of Obama And Biden

Isn’t Brit Hume supposed to be one of Fox News’ objective analysts? So imagine my surprise when, in a discussion about whether Gen. Stanley McChrystal will be or should be fired for attacks on the Obama administration made by him and his staff in a Rolling Stone article, Hume made some gratuitous jabs at President Obama and Vice President Obama, suggesting that McChrystal’s complaints about the administration were spot on. The discussion occurred today on America Live with Megyn Kelly, a show that is supposedly part of Fox News' "objective news" line up. Kelly giggled over Hume's remarks.

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Reported by Ellen at 5:15 PM
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