Hannity Calls Giuliani’s Tepid Endorsement Of Romney “Rousing”

Sean Hannity interviewed Rudy Giuliani about his recent endorsement of Mitt Romney last night. In a teaser for the segment, Hannity called Giuliani’s endorsement “rousing.” In fact, it was anything but. Even more laughable, Hannity announced his own endorsement of Giuliani for Secretary of Defense. That’s right, although Giuliani has no military or defense experience and there are lots of firefighters who are convinced Giuliani caused needless deaths of firefighters on 9/11, chickenhawk Sean Hannity somehow thinks Giuliani has got what it takes to be SecDef.

In his teaser for the Giuliani interview, Hannity said, “Coming up, Rudy Giuliani is giving his former political rival a rousing endorsement.”

Apparently, Hannity has a pretty low bar for “rousing.” 

Appearing on Fox & Friends earlier in the day, Giuliani made it pretty clear he was only supporting Romney because he was the presumptive nominee.

I’m a good friend of Newt’s and probably, if things had worked out well, would have been very honored and happy to support Newt. Never really got to that point. But I think that Mitt has won fair and square. I mean, he’s proven he’s the most effective Republican. He’s taken on everybody and won an incredible number of primaries and he’s got the resumé and background for the job.

Furthermore, it was just a few months ago that Giuliani savaged Romney. As Politico reported:

“He figures out there are embryos and changes” his mind on abortion, Giuliani said. “He was pro-mandate [for health care] for the whole country, then he becomes anti-mandate and takes that page out of his book, and republishes the book.”

Giuliani said that these flip-flops will make for electoral disaster.

Even with Hannity, Giuliani offered a less than ringing endorsement. After first noting that any of the other candidates would be “good presidents,” he added,

“But Mitt won it. I mean, he has won an overwhelming number of primaries, he’s gone to the Republican voters and made his case and it’s quite clear that he would be the best candidate to win against Barack Obama and that’s my major objective.”

Later, Hannity said he’d like to see Giuliani in Romney’s cabinet. “How about you for Defense Secretary or Homeland Security? …If you were Defense Secretary, I think it would send a strong message to the world.”

It sure would send a strong message – that we’re idiots. As I suggested in another post – after watching Hannity present Giuliani as an expert on Israel and Iran -  if being the mayor of a city attacked on 9/11 qualifies Giuliani as an expert on the Middle East, then getting caught in a horrific snowstorm makes me an expert on weather. Or maybe after all these years of blogging, I could run Google.


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9/11 Ghouliani is obviously underwhelmed by Mittens.
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Even more laughable, Hannity endorsed Giuliani for Romney's Secretary of Defense.