Fox News Loves The Do Nothing Congress

On Happening Now last week, host Jon Scott spoke about Congress having a 10% approval rating, and how this Congress is the least productive ever. But on Fox News, the least productive Congress is the best Congress! 

In a discussion with Charlie Hurt of the Washington Times on August 15, Scott said, “Some would say if Congress isn’t passing a lot of new legislation, that could actually be a good thing, what do you think?”

”Yeah absolutely,” Hurt agreed. “Ordinarily, Americans and taxpayers would be far better off if Congress would stop helping us so much, but the problem is that the way they’ve sort of fouled up the whole system is that even when they’re not producing anything, all the spending, the massive spending is it goes on autopilot, and we’re on the hook for all of that… Right now, we actually need them to get together and do something to stop the spending. Of course, most famously, the last remotely productive Congress we had was when Democrats controlled the House. They controlled the Senate, nearly filibuster proof, it was filibuster proof at one point, and the White House. At that point, they didn’t do anything to stop the spending or to slow the spending, but they did give us Obamacare which hasn’t gone over so well with voters.”

I don’t know which was worse, the question or the answer.

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Not surprising. Speaker ManTan Boner is a slave to the teabaggers who run the Repug-controlled House. Senator Mitch McTurtle has made defeating President Obama his single most important political objective. For the last two years, everything else went to the back burner.