Fox News Hosts Decry The Eric Garner Decision


Of course, they want you to know that it’s not about race and it has no bearing on the Michael Brown case in Ferguson. And Greg Gutfeld wants you to think it’s about cigarette taxes but still…


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Of course it isn’t about race to them- The scrutiny’s on the white guy. The second they can make a reverse Trayvon/Brown stick, it’ll be all about abuse of justice at the hands of the the black officer.
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Seriously Mr. Promfret you don’t understand humor? Lighten up and enjoy Doesn’t it register with you that the republicans are just waiting to take over congress after the first of the year and send us all back to the 19th century? Maybe you should actually watch Faux News or if you do already, pay closer attention.
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I always enjoy the posts and especially the comments here on NewsHounds… insightful and articulate. Having said that, am I overtired or, Ed Danover, did you get here by accident?
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Let’s see. All repubs are against taxes. All repubs are for food stamps for the poor. All repubs are for immigration reform and All repubs refuse to shut down the government and All repubs want to sign up for Affordable Health Care via a repeal vote

I’m guessing that there All in. I’m guessing there all Bat Sh## crazy
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Even Fox toady Kimberly Guilfoyle thinks the force was excessive.