Fox Fails To Disclose News Corp. Ties To Chicago Teachers Strike

Fox News has given heavy coverage to the Chicago teachers strike - yet in none of at least 89 segments has the "fair and balanced" network disclosed that its parent company, News Corporation, owns 90% of the company doing the testing that is at the heart of much of the dispute.

After reviewing 89 segments from September 10 - September 16, Media Matters reports:

Fox News parent company News Corp. acquired a 90-percent stake in Wireless Generation in 2010. Last May, the company agreed to provide Early Mathematics Assessment Services and Early Literacy Assessment Services to Chicago Public Schools. These contracts total $4.7 million. A central reason the Chicago Teachers Union decided to strike is their objection to the school district's call for heavily weighing such standardized testing to ultimately determine teacher pay and layoffs.

But Fox News anchors and reporters never once disclosed its parent company's ties to Wireless Generation even as the network routinely criticized the strike and the Chicago Teachers Union.

89 segments. 0 disclosure. So much for "we report, you decide." Again.

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This is how we word it to the masses.

News Corporation, whose employees at News International hacked into people’s phones and bribed police officers in the U.K., which resulted in 47 arrests, also acquired a 90-percent stake in Wireless Generation.

If you are a educator in Chicago, remind the masses in that city of News Corporation’s major scandal involving the above crimes.