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FNC's GOP Special Victims Unit

October 20, 2011

The Five’s Eric Bolling Calls OWS Every Name In The Book, Then Defends Doug Schoen’s Phony Poll

Eric Bolling, Fox “News” Bully Boy and serial liar, took to the airwaves to smear the Occupy movement once again, although this time he eschewed wearing a tin foil hat. On yesterday’s show, and without pausing for breath, he called the OWS protesters, “Communist, Nazi, anti-Semites down here. Pot smoking, sex addicted morons, and you compare that to the Tea Party?” Clearly Kimberly Guilfoyle was amused because she laughed heartily at Bolling’s name-calling. However, Bob Beckel, who made the comparison, was not amused. He cried foul. Beckel has mentioned several times, on previous shows and in this segment, how he’s been forced to moderate his language when talking about Teabaggers because, as he has also explained, how angry it made his The Five co-hosts. They expressed their displeasure off the air and in commercial breaks. In fact, Beckel now calls them “The Tea People,” because of the severe browbeating he took. Yet, those same people feel that the Occupy movement can be described in almost sub-human terms and find it amusing.

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Reported by Aunty Em at 11:23 AM

October 3, 2011

How Ugly Will Be The Sarah Palin-Fox News Break Up and How Soon?

A recent headline at Crooks and Liars was guaranteed to catch my attention: “Palin Now Feuding With Juan Williams and Megyn Kelly,” written by Tina Dupuy. It’s similar to some of what we do here at News Hounds: it’s a few words to introduce a video clip, in this case one of Lawrence O’Donnell from MSNBC. However, it dovetails nicely with a hilarious and insightful post on Depuy’s blog I read about a year ago titled “Sarah Palin: America’s Full-Time Professional Duelist” in which she pegged The Quitter From Wasilla better than anyone else has, before or since: “In fact, Palin is now our nation’s only full-time professional duelist. She fights with everyone. Her entire post-quitting career is centered on flame wars, most of which she starts. They are often petty, sanctimonious, trumped-up jabs which do nothing but make the media talk about her more. And she’s monetized the drama. She’s gone pro. Yes, she’s found the formula Paris Hilton and Kim Kardashian pioneered: shameless and shallow sells.” Written eleven months ago, nothing Sarah Palin has done or said has changed that impression. All Dupuy has had to do is maintain her “Sarah Palin’s Enemies List,” a compendium of all the feuds (whether one-sided or not) that Palin has engaged in since she left Alaska in the lurch. That list now stands at 92 and, amazingly, has grown by two since I began this article!!! The O’Donnell clip is about Palin’s feuds with Megyn Kelly and Juan Williams, coming in on Dupuy’s list at numbers 89 and 90 respectively. Palin using Fox “News” to engage in her petty feuds is nothing new. What is new, however, is that her feuds are now with other Fox “News” personalities. Watch:

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Reported by Aunty Em at 9:23 AM

September 16, 2011

News Blooper or Sabotage? Guest Blurts Out “Fox News Lies” On Fox

One of the dangers of live tee vee is the news blooper, where something goes wrong and all they can do is move on. Until talk radio installed a delay button, putting someone on the air was always a dangerous proposition and sophomoric wags used that to their advantage, slipping in crazy or scatological references. Artist Jay Shells will forever be a folk hero for his actions on Fox “News” yesterday. He combined the two concepts above, using a live ‘in control room’ interview to say “Fox News Lies.”

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Reported by Aunty Em at 9:39 AM

September 15, 2011

Was The Five’s Greg Gutfeld Racist During Attack On POTUS?

While The Five continues to be the worst show on tee vee, it wasn’t until lately a pattern within the program became apparent. It might have stayed secret had Bob Beckel not continuously complained during the program about the “process” of putting the show together. From his comments here’s what’s been gleaned so far: Clearly a ‘line up’ meeting is held earlier in the day which includes talent, producers, and (speaking from experience) most of the other people who work behind the scenes on the show except the techs (camera, sound & lights). Everyone pitches their ideas for segments on the show and they kick those ideas around. Since there are always more ideas than time, people argue for their personal favorites. The Fox “News” producers keep track, adding their own ideas and spin. The producers make the ultimate decision on what will go into the show, as they shape the contour of the show and then block out the individual segments. Once the line-up is locked, the talent are sent away to do whatever it is they do before show time. That’s where the pattern I mentioned comes in: While most of The Five appear to research the segments they know will come up, especially the ones they pitched at Line Up, Bob Beckel never seems to do any research. He appears to wing it. Consequently, four of The Five always have more facts at their fingertips than Beckel. Yet, no matter how much the other 4 have researched a topic, their knowledge on any segment (topic) only goes so far, because they can’t know everything about everything. Eventually one of them will have nothing intelligent left to say, but that won’t stop them. They are still not done trying to make points, so they start to vamp on a topic they know absolutely nothing about. And, that’s when they get into trouble. Yesterday it was Greg Gutfeld’s turn. Tell me if you don’t think Greg Gutfeld’s statement is just an teensy-weensy bit racist. It came in a discussion about the Democratic Party losing NY-9 and why President Obama might be losing the Jewish vote: Watch:

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Reported by Aunty Em at 2:53 PM

August 30, 2011

Greta Van Susteren’s Hypocritical Outrage Over Politico Asking If Rick Perry Is Dumb

Less than two weeks after Greta Van Susteren dismissed as “Texas swagger” Republican Rick Perry’s attacks on Fed Chairman Ben Bernanke – calling him “almost treasonous” and saying he’d be treated “pretty ugly” in Texas - Van Susteren was in a snit over Politico’s “name calling” in an article headlined Is Rick Perry Dumb? Considering the name calling that goes on 24/7 on Fox, much of it right on her own show, Van Susteren’s indignation was laughable. The difference, of course, is that on Fox, Democrats and liberals are called names whereas Politico had the audacity to do it to the Republican presidential candidate Fox is rooting for.

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Reported by Ellen at 2:22 PM