Cliven Bundy’s Son Arrested


The son of Sean Hannity’s BFF and lawbreaking racist, Cliven Bundy, has been arrested. You may recall that son Ryan Bundy served as a source for Fox News back in the days when Fox was promoting Papa Bundy’s armed insurrection against the U.S. government.

From AP:

An adult son of southern Nevada rancher and states’ rights advocate Cliven Bundy said he spent a night in a southern Utah jail after sheriff’s deputies accused him of resisting arrest when he appeared in a justice court for an unrelated code violation summons.

Ryan Bundy, 42, said Wednesday that a judge in Cedar City freed him without bail and set a court date in March on the misdemeanor resisting charge and a misdemeanor case of interfering with an animal control officer that Bundy thinks stems from 2013.

Let’s flash back to those days when Hannity and Fox were all for the lawbreaking Bundys pointing guns at law enforcement officers – before they decided that Democrats speaking out against police brutality was tantamount to actually killing cops.

  • Fox liked Ryan Bundy so much that it promoted his conspiracy theory about Sen. Harry Reid – which had already been debunked by Breitbart, among others – without any fact checking.
  • Ryan Bundy was featured as a sympathetic figure in an interview with Sean Hannity – and promoted on the Fox News Insider website.

And guess what? Ryan's not the only Bundy son in legal trouble. His brother is currently in jail after violating probation on a felony burglary and weapon theft charge.


Ryan Bundy photo via Iron County Sheriff’s Office

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commented 2015-01-31 06:23:35 -0500 · Flag
Poor guy. Never learned to pick cotton.
commented 2015-01-31 04:07:52 -0500 · Flag
Post this gem on all social media. Include Stage Actor Hannocchio to the post to remind the masses of his love of the Bundys.

Post it on all conservative websites. Ask the conservative masses why Hannocchio is not defending the Bundys. Why he threw Cliven Bundy under the bus? He’s not coming to the rescue of Bundy’s sons. Discuss this with every conservative you see on the street.

Call talk radio and ask the host that burning question.
commented 2015-01-30 14:27:15 -0500 · Flag
Now, see. This should prove—once and for all to the idiots at FoxNoise (just don’t hold your breath)—that the Obama government is NOT as tyrannical as FoxNoise likes to claim. I mean, after all, a truly tyrannical government would have the Bundy boys shipped off to Gitmo for their “minor crimes” instead of one’s being released without bail (though does anyone believe that a Black “scofflaw” would’ve been released without bail—assuming, of course, he hadn’t been “accidentally” killed while resisting arrest?) and another one’s being in a regular jail for violating his terms of probation (again, kind of doubting a Black guy would’ve been offered a “diversion” program instead of jail time for felony burglary and weapons theft charges).

(Of course, had the Obama Administration been as tyrannical as FoxNoise likes to claim, Cliven Bundy—and his supporters—would all be dead or in Federal prison, if not Gitmo, for their anti-government actions, including threatening the lives of federal LEOs. AND, FoxNoise would be off the air with all its hosts and owners in federal prison for “offering aid and comfort to the enemy.” Then again, FoxNoise uses a lot of terms they don’t actually understand in order to rile their party’s base of bigots.)
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