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Carl Paladino

October 11, 2010

Ann Coulter Defends Paladino’s Comments About Gays: It’s Like Saying, “Go Cubs!”

I suppose it was inevitable that someone on Fox News was going to defend Carl Paladino’s recent remarks about gays. After all, when he threatened to “take out” a New York Post reporter, Mike Huckabee and Sean Hannity gushed and Bill O’Reilly made excuses. But neither Hannity nor O’Reilly (nor Megyn Kelly nor Brian Kilmeade nor Steve Doocy) defended Paladino yesterday (Huckabee’s show hasn’t aired yet). As the conversation moved on, O’Reilly did seize the opportunity to suggest the Obama administration are ACORN-like reverse racists by once again beating the discredited, dead horse of the New Black Panther Party case.

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Reported by Ellen at 11:57 PM

You Know Carl Paladino’s In Trouble When Two Fox News Hosts Sound Skeptical About His Comments About Gays

New York’s GOP gubernatorial candidate Carl Paladino visited the set of Fox & Friends this morning where, according to the Fox News title of the video, he “explain(ed) his remarks on homosexuality.” Well, if that was an explanation then I’d hate to know what an obfuscation is. Hosts Brian Kilmeade and Steve Doocy were painfully polite and respectful (maybe they were afraid of getting slugged) but they were clearly skeptical about Paladino’s “clarification” and even his chances of winning.

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Reported by Ellen at 12:53 PM

October 5, 2010

Bill O’Reilly Makes Excuses For Paladino

Dear Bill O’Reilly: There aresome things that are just inexcusable in a politician, even if he is a Republican. Threatening to “take out” a reporter is one of them. Sending racist emails is another. Sending pornographic emails is a third. New York’s Republican gubernatorial candidate Carl Paladino has done all three without expressing regret. It’s bad enough if that’s not a deal breaker for your or anyone else’s vote. However, that’s your business. But there’s simply no justification for whitewashing and attempting to explain away the seriously bad behavior of Paladino to your audience. Period. Even if he is a Republican. Kudos to Brit Hume for coming out and calling a spade a spade – or in this case, a thug. Sadly, he’s the first Fox News pundit I’ve seen speak up about the Emperor’s New Clothes that make up Paladino’s candidacy.

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Reported by Ellen at 9:07 AM

October 3, 2010

Hannity Gushes Over Paladino’s “Confrontational Style” and “Refreshing Honesty”

Is there any behavior from a Republican candidate Fox News pundits would find too extreme? I have to wonder after watching Mike Huckabee Thursday night and now Sean Hannity enthuse over New York’s GOP gubernatorial candidate, Carl Paladino, in the wake of his threatening to “take out” a reporter – a News Corp. colleague, Fred Dicker of the New York Post, no less. It was bad enough that neither Huckabee nor Hannity seemed interested, much less concerned, by any of Paladino’s racist emails or fringe positions, but both Fox News pundits specifically cited Paladino’s threat to Dicker as at least part of the reason for their admiration.

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Reported by Ellen at 12:38 AM