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Brave New PAC

October 2, 2008

FNC airs anti-Obama lies but censors ad requesting McCain full medical disclosure

Assuming FOX News Channel screens and then decides which ads to air (they turned down Brave New PAC's recent ad that demanded John McCain release his full medical records, for example), it seems that ads that falsely accuse Barack Obama are okey-dokey, while the ones that demand full disclosure from McCain are not. One of the former was shown during FOX and Friends this morning, which sent me straight to the Google. Guess what?

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Reported by Chrish at 11:45 AM

September 26, 2008

Wimpy MSNBC Cowed by Bill O'Reilly

MSNBC Refusing To Run Outside Group's Ad Questioning McCain's Health

Here's the ad.

What's with these people? Why won't they tell Bill O'Reilly to go to hell? Who's going to be the first to do it, damnit? Can't they see that he's just trying to protect his guy?!

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Reported by Melanie at 3:39 PM

September 25, 2008

Bill O'Reilly Goes After Robert Greenwald For Campaign Ad

Tonight, 9/25/08, our wonderful friend and courageous activist, Robert Greenwald got O'Reilly's special attention for the recent Brave New Pac, ad running on MSNBC, asking for McCain's medical records. BOR, using his deepest attack voice filled with disdain, called it the "most vicious" ad of the campaign. Claiming it was so offensive that FOX and CNN wouldn't run it, BOR had yet another opportunity to condemn Jefferey Immelt and NBC.

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Reported by Deborah at 10:50 PM

September 16, 2008

McCain co-POW says McCain too volatile for presidency

Brave New PAC, an affiliate of Brave New Films, has released an ad that has the folks in McCain's camp squealing "swift boats!" In it, Philip Butler, who was imprisoned in Viet Nam along with John McCain, says that the experience does not qualify him for the presidency. He also addresses McCain's legendary temper, saying he's a "very volatile guy” and not the person Butler wants to see “with his finger near the red button.” Watch it below, and share widely.

Amended 6PM:
to add link to article by Philip Butler, "Why I Will Not Vote for John McCain"

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Reported by Chrish at 5:55 PM