Andrea ‘Punch’ Tantaros Praises Trump For ‘Rightfully’ Backing Manager Lewandowski


After Trump campaign manager Corey Lewandowski was charged with battery against reporter Michelle Fields, Fox host Andrea Tantaros gave a thumbs up to Donald Trump for not suspending or firing him. Maybe because Tantaros, who has blatantly incited violence herself, thinks Lewandowski is a man after her own heart.

On Outnumbered, cohost Tantaros made a stab at even-handedness, though it was obvious whose side she was on.

TANTAROS: There’s been a back and forth over whether or not something did in fact happen. I mean, a lot of people who were there are saying yes it did happen, others saying no.

She conveniently ignored the extensive evidence showing that it did happen, as well as the Trump campaign’s ridiculous “evolutions” of their story. (See this terrific Washington Post report on the subject.)

Tantaros, as well as the other cohosts, spun the criminal charges against Lewandowski as a good thing.

TANTAROS: Judge (Alex Ferrer, the show’s #OneLuckyGuy), could you argue that this is now out of the way, at least, because it does, it does give them an opportunity to say, "OK, a court’s handling this issue, we’re going to move forward, we’re going to talk about the issues?"

Then Tantaros slipped in her approval of Trump for not firing or suspending Lewandowski while those charges are pending.

TANTAROS: I mean, Trump, again, he has had the back of his campaign manager, rightfully, for a long time. I mean, he works for him, he was right there, he says, "Nothing happened, I absolutely support him, he didn’t do anything wrong," and so he can just move forward.

It’s no surprise that Tantaros should be fine with a thug campaign manager. She once urged her radio show listeners to “do me a favor” and punch an Obama supporter “in the face.”

Nobody on Outnumbered challenged Tantaros.

By the way, this was another show in which all the women just happened to wear short dresses and just happened to keep their legs crossed so that the dresses hiked up.


Watch it below, from the March 29 Outnumbered.

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commented 2016-07-25 09:11:14 -0400 · Flag
i dont like trump.. he is arrogant.. cant wait for the election
commented 2016-05-10 02:32:06 -0400 · Flag
Well there were many arguments regarding trump and some others individuals which may effect the democracy and some other things as well.
commented 2016-03-30 08:01:34 -0400 · Flag
I’m watching [apparently] extreme left-wing, Communist-loving, totally anti-American “CBS This Morning” because they contradict Tantaros’ [and Fox’s?] convenient pro-Trump narrative there’s nothing to see, quietly move along. Cue Fox News seguing to a series of distracting stories on #Benghazi! and Email-gate and Hillary’s imminent [yet again] arrest. Fox News fanboys and fangirls need to get their minds steered to the right track and quickly! ;^)

Unfortunate for the Foxies, CBS ran – ironically – a Trump security video that shows clearly Lewandowski’s offense. Local law enforcement seems to disagree with Tantaros as well. Can’t wait for the Foxies who apologize for every police abuse targeting minorities to criticize law enforcement for investigating one of their buds.

Loyalty is one thing. Def Furor ignoring all evidence to the contrary and blindly apologizing for this staff’s thuggery doesn’t speak well of The Donald’s character. But didn’t we expect him to be a consistent a—hole? Tantaros too
commented 2016-03-30 04:30:55 -0400 · Flag
The Tortoise would not back Trumpster if Lewdman strong-armed Barbie Megyn Kelly. Nixon Trainee Ailes would demand Trumpster fire Lewdman immediately.


You would file a police report too if Lewdman grabbed your arm, you foolish broad.