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America Live

April 12, 2010

Fox And O’Reilly Use Dishonest Editing Of Obama Judicial Nominee Goodwin Liu To Smear Him

LiberalViewer has an excellent breakdown of Fox News’ dishonest editing of statements made by President Obama’s judicial nominee, Goodwin Liu, to falsely suggest he supports reparations. The "statements" were then used by Bill O'Reilly to argue that Liu was too radical to deserve an appointment to the bench. Although Fox's Megyn Kelly provided some balance arguing that Liu is qualified to serve and that Obama has the right to appoint him, she never corrected the record and informed the "we report, you decide" network's audience that Liu never said he supports reparations. Video after the jump. (H/T Haggis)

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Reported by Ellen at 6:36 PM

April 8, 2010

Fox "News" Lowers the Bar, Megyn Kelly Gives Obama The "Mushroom Cloud/Daisy Ad" Treatment During Purported News Segment

Guest Blogged by "Crimson Executioner"

I'm gonna make this short and sweet: It's time for Fox "News" to grow the hell up. Here's the deal. I was taking a short drive home after picking up a cup-o-Joe from Wawa (like 7-11, but better) Wednesday night (4/7), when I heard NPR's David Folkenflik talking about Fox "News" anchor, Megan Kelly, giving Obama "the mushroom cloud treatment" at the end of a teaser about their forthcoming segment on Obama signing a nuclear arms pact with Russian President, Dimitry Medvedev. Yep, that's right - "the mushroom cloud treatment", lifted straight from the controversial fear-mongering "Daisy" ad that helped Johnson defeat Goldwater in '64. This really has to be seen to be believed, so here it is. Videos after the jump.

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Reported by Guest Blogger at 3:44 PM

Where’s Fox News’ Corrections About The California ACORN Videos?

Who would have guessed? The unedited California ACORN videos made by James O’Keefe and Hannah Giles and pimped by Andrew Breitbart and BigGovernment.com have been released to the public. As a result, there is now incontrovertible proof that the videos were misleading and did not portray what they were said to portray by either Team Breitbart or Fox News. Rachel Maddow did an excellent, excellent analysis of the unedited videos as well as a comparison with what got aired on Fox News. I suppose an apology to ACORN would be too much to ask for but any halfway legitimate news organization would issue a correction and retraction. The clock is ticking, Fox News, and we are not going to let you forget it. With video.

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Reported by Ellen at 2:20 AM

April 7, 2010

Fox News Reporter Jonathan Hunt Downplays Safety Problems At Massey Energy

Jonathan Hunt joined Megyn Kelly yesterday (4/6/10) for a report on the rescue operation at the Upper Big Branch mine in Raleigh County, West Virginia where 25 miners died and four miners were still missing. ABC News reported that the company that runs the mine, Performance Coal Company, had amassed “scores of citations” from mine safety officials and that it was fighting or refusing to pay many of its steepest fines. ABC also reported that the CEO of Performance’s parent company, Massey Energy, is an extremely powerful figure in local politics who has driven out the United Mine Workers union from all the company’s operations except for a single processing plant. But while discussing the anger at Massey in the mining community, Hunt downplayed the safety violations by suggesting that many were insignificant, failed to report that the company was attempting to avoid paying fines and ignored altogether its antagonism to unions. With video.

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Reported by Ellen at 12:34 PM

April 2, 2010

“Fair and Balanced” Megyn Kelly Defends Calling Obama A Socialist Even If It’s Not True

Megyn Kelly’s show, America Live, is supposed to be part of Fox News’ news lineup, as opposed to the opinion shows that Fox sneers the "average consumer" differentiates. But Kelly was anything but fair and balanced as she hotly defended those who call President Obama a socialist while refusing to consider whether he actually fit the definition. She also immediately discounted liberal Alan Colmes’ allegation that racism underlies much of the tea party movement’s rhetoric and then took it upon herself to argue that those charges were merely a sinister tactic used by the left to smear the tea partiers. I invite anyone from Fox News to explain how this segment was not an example of outright bias by a supposedly neutral news host. Colmes did a top notch, top dog kind of job confronting Kelly with the racist undertones of the Tea Party. Although she tried to raise a ruckus of Democratic demonization by distraction, Kelly was never able to refute a single one of his contentions. With video.

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Reported by Ellen at 3:29 PM