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Alex Unspins

September 9, 2011

Hannity’s Michael Meyers: Genuine Civil Rights Advocate, or House Negro?

"Uncle Tom" is one of the milder names Michael Meyers, Director of the New York Civil Rights Coalition, was called after saying that President Obama “has ghetto behavior” ( Hannity, 9/5/11). While his remark elicited epithets such as “house negro” and “handkerchief-head” from disgusted African-Americans posting on Facebook, Meyers’ fellow Hannity guests, Republican strategist Noelle Nikpour and Dr.Junk-Food-Is-good-For-You- but-Obamacare-Will-Kill-You Marc Siegal, never even blinked at Meyers’ incongruous insult to the President. With video.

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Reported by Alex at 6:48 PM

February 20, 2011

George Soros to Fareed Zakaria: Fox News Uses Orwellian Newspeak and Nazi Propaganda Techniques

Today on CNN’s GPS, billionaire financier George Soros – Fox News Channel’s number one boogeyman for his support of liberal causes - told host Fareed Zakaria that Fox News “has imported the techniques of George Orwell - Newspeak” to deceive the public, and compared FNC content with the propaganda that led to the collapse of Germany’s Weimar Republic and the rise of the Nazi regime. He also said that the people of the Tea Party are “very decent”, “hard working” and are being misled and deceived by “forces” using them for their own selfish ends. Updated 2/21 with new video and link to podcast.

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Reported by Alex at 7:25 PM

November 10, 2010

Cee-Lo and Colbert: F*** You to Fox News

Now, they didn't exactly say "F*** you" to Fox News - though it wouldn't be a huge stretch to imagine that was the intention when Cee-Lo appeared on Colbert's show last night. What Stephen Colbert suggested to R+B star Cee-Lo Green was that he change "F**k you" to "Fox News" every time the F-bomb occurs in the singer's massive hit single, titled - yep, you guessed it - "F**k You." They also composed some new lyrics about Fox News to mark the occasion. Everybody sing along! Video and new lyrics after the jump.

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Reported by Alex at 2:41 PM

November 1, 2010

Andrew Breitbart Says ABC News Are Lying, Publishes Emails as “Proof”

He started it – no, wait, he started it! As I reported on Saturday, it seems Andrew Breitbart was stretching the truth just a bit when he claimed to have been tapped by ABC News to provide election night analysis this Tuesday. And now that ABC have refuted him, saying that Breitbart was merely invited to be a guest at an Arizona townhall that will be streamed live on the internet, Breitbart and ABC are in a war of words over who, exactly, is responsible for Breitbart’s belief that he was to play with the big boys.

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Reported by Alex at 11:58 AM

October 30, 2010

Did Breitbart Lie About ABC Election Night Role?

Andrew Breitbart, the Fox News darling already known as a proven liar and rightwing propagandist (is there a difference?) may have added a few inches to his nose in the past day or so. Yesterday morning the front page of his blog, bigjournalism.com, featured an announcement that “founder and head of the Breitbart empire Andrew Breitbart will be bringing analysis live from Arizona” on election night. Since then, not only centrist and leftwing bloggers, but members of ABC’s newsroom, have been up in arms. However, it turns out Bretibart has not been hired by ABC. Funny how he sat back and let everyone come to the conclusion that he had been, isn’t it? Screenshot after the jump.

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Reported by Alex at 6:32 PM
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