Fox Nation Promotes Meme That Sgt. Bergdahl Is 'Deserter'

Despite the circumstances of Pfc. Bowe Bergdhal's disappearance from his unit, it is unclear whether he officially "deserted" or went AWOL. Until the facts are sorted out, the Dept. of Defense is withholding judgment. But not so for Fox Nation. Today, on their webpage, they have three articles which, in their titles, describe Bergdhal as a "deserter." Gotta love how Fox Nation is so committed to their mission of "observing the rules of civility and mutual respect."




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This is just more of Republicans’ Rule Number 1: If Obama did it, or supports it, then we’re against it.
commented 2014-06-03 15:34:22 -0400 · Flag
@jim Shearon – Oh, no, we can’t have real Americans who support Muslims, no sirreee….

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It looks like Bergdahl’s father is sympathetic to Muslims and Islam. Here’s his you tube channel. The president had to know about this.
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Fox Nation Promotes Meme That Sgt. Bergdahl Is 'Deserter'