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Steve Doocy & Hate Group Member Advance War On Christians/Christmas Memes

Reported by Priscilla - December 13, 2011 -

The newest "outrage" to hit the church of the perpetually outraged Christians is the eviction of a group of Christmas carolers from a Silver Spring Maryland Post Office. Always eager to provide a pulpit for the outrage, Fox & Friends hosted JP Duffy, from the SPLC designated homophobic hate group, The Family Research Council, to talk about this egregious offense. Duffy just happened to witness the caroler toss and blogged that the incident was just another example of "militant secularists" who "team up with federal bureaucrats in the effort to sterilize the public square of anything remotely connected to anything religious." This is obviously in keeping with the faux, Fox "war on Christmas." So it was no surprise to see Duffy getting a warm welcome from Christian/Christmas warrior Steve Doocy on this morning's Fox & Friends.

Doocy framed the message immediately about how the carolers, who were"trying to spread Christmas cheer," but are "getting scrooged" by the evil Post Office person who "threw them out" because "there's no singing on government property." He introduced hate group member JP Duffy who wished Steve a Merry Christmas. Duffy described how delighted his daughter was as the carolers, dressed in Dickens era clothing, broke into song. But the mood changed as a "scowling" postal worker "got in the faces" of the carolers to tell them they were violating policy about no solicitations. After a moment of "stunned silence," everybody in line started booing. After the postal manager then "shamed" the carolers into leaving, Duffy offered to facilitate a complaint if they wished to file one. They declined, saying that it wouldn't do any good because the manager "had an agenda." Doocy claimed that the carolers had done this "for years" which is what the carolers are claiming and not the post office.

Doocy read a statement from a spokesperson from the USPS which cited policy about public assembly. On cue, Doocy asked Duffy what the post office is up to. Duffy claimed that "if you do a google search" you can find examples of carolers going into post offices - a dubious claim as when you search for Christmas carolers perform post office, all you get is the right wing drooling about this incident. Naturally, Doocy agreed. Duffy referenced how the postal service told Fox radio culture clubber Todd Starnes (whose life centers around "outrages" to Christianity) that there is a national ban on this kind of thing which Duffy finds "ridiculous." Then came the money quote that surprise, surprise, dovetailed exactly with Fox's war on Christians meme: "We see this trend, a recent trend of a government crackdown on religious speech" and this is an example. He whined that "enough is enough and we're not going to take it anymore" and that the Post Office should reverse the ban. When wall of dementia Steve Doocy asserted that if they were from "Occupy Wall Street," they would have been welcome, Duffy retorted "excellent point."

Comment: Fox News has been quick to point out examples of how OWS doesn't respect rules. Yet Steve Doocy doesn't seem to give a crap about post office policy. I don't know how big the Silver Spring post office is but having a bunch of carolers probably makes for some tight quarters. I'm sure there were plenty of other places for the singers - like on the sidewalk in front of the post office. But yeah, let's change the rules and see what the Family Research Council says when the local gay men's chorus sets up shop in the local post office. If any and all groups are welcome, there could be mimes or Krishna devotees (are they still around?). I don't think the Fox fiends would be too happy if OWS or a bunch of atheists were allowed to do their thing in post offices. How bout if a local muezzin were allowed to do the call to prayer in the post office. Wouldn't that be dandy! But one thing is fer sure. JP Duffy might hate those homos - but he loves his carolers. First amendment - meh?


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