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Shades of Dr. Tiller! O’Reilly Maliciously Posts Photo Of “Liberal” Occupy Judge

Reported by Ellen - November 16, 2011 -

Bill O’Reilly spent years deliberately vilifying abortion provider Dr. George Tiller with such inflammatory language as “Tiller the baby killer.” Even after Tiller was murdered at church by an anti-abortion zealot, O’Reilly continued to attack Tiller – and to make himself the victim. So chills went down my spine last night as O’Reilly maliciously posted a photo of a judge whose ruling favorable to the Occupy Wall Street protesters he didn’t like. As he asked for the photo to be posted a second time, O’Reilly said with a sadistic smile, “I want everybody to get to know (he named her) very well.”

The venom in O’Reilly’s voice during his introduction was disturbing: "As many cities in America clean out the Occupy Wall Street protesters in public spaces, here in New York City a very left-wing judge has told Mayor Bloomberg he can’t do that.” O’Reilly posted a photo of the judge, along with her name and where she works and complained she “basically told the city the Occupiers can occupy a park open to the public, as long as they want, and can do pretty much anything they want inside that park. But late today, that judge’s ruling was overturned by another judge, thank God.”

Rather than be happy about the new ruling in effect, O’Reilly continued his vendetta after his guest, John Stossel, was introduced.

O’Reilly continued with mean-spiritedness, “Number one, I wanted to highlight… the first judge.” He called for her photo to be posted on the screen again, and added, “I want everybody to get to know (he named her) very well.” He added, “This is a woman who worked at the ACLU for 25 years as counsel (as if that were somehow illegal or anti-American)! Alright?”

What was the point of having “everybody get to know” the judge, her face and where she works if not to incite hostility directly against her?

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