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Fox & Friends Uses Gold Star Father To Attack CA Mayor

Reported by Priscilla - November 16, 2011 -

The Fox "friends" love veterans and love to feature stories about veterans - except for those that are about veterans being beaten up at "Occupy" protests! If there is any injustice - except for veterans being beaten up at "Occupy" protests - shown to American veterans, the red, white, and blue pals are there to expose the outrage. And according to Fox News, such an outrage took place in Richmond, California where the mayor was not doing her duty to honor veterans on Veterans Day. What made this even more of an egregious outrage was that according to the Fox News website and Fox Nation, this "California Mayor Snubs Veterans to Attend Occupy Rally." Spreading the word about this dastardly deed were the patriots on Fox & Friends who didn't really tell the whole story but all's fair in love, war, and character attacks on Fox & Friends who, in this patriotic segment, had a Gold Star dad as a human shield.

Last Friday, in reporting the backstory about the Richmond CA mayor who would be "skipping" a veterans day celebration to go to an Occupy rally, Gretchen Carlson did the perfunctory framing of the issue as being "tremendously controversial." She asked if this "is the right thing for a mayor to do." (Oh, no, Gretch!) The chyron supported the two pronged Fox message "Controversial Decision, CA Mayor to Skip Vets Day For Occupy." (It's a controversy and it involves those filthy Occupiers). Dave Briggs introduced the guest, a California Reservist and Gold Star dad whose son was killed in Iraq.

Briggs asked what it meant to this gentleman that the mayor was going to attend an Occupy event rather than the veterans' ceremony. Kevin Graves followed the script quite well with his answer that it was "unfortunate and disrespectful" to those who "have served our country for decades." He added that this is the day to honor those who fought for those who want to express their freedom of speech. He reiterated that it is "disrespectful" it is and stated that "politicizing" veterans is "the wrong thing to do." Graves, who works for the California Department of Veterans Affairs, spoke about his son. Gretch got in the last propaganda word. She said, dramatically and softly, "you'd think on the one day in the year we honor veterans, we think about them every other day but on the one day and the Occupy people who who've been down there for six weeks, they've been getting attention every single day" (Oh, snap, another right wing meme about how the mainstream media is giving too much attention to those evil occupiers) "you'd think that on this one day, the mayor might honor th