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"Journalist" (?) Steven Crowder Freaks Out About "Scumbag" Occupiers

Reported by Priscilla - November 15, 2011 -

Steven Crowder's website's unattributed claim, that he is "FoxNews’ brightest, funniest young Conservative mind," is actually quite amusing in that the only accurate word is conservative. But it seems that he's all grown up and is now a "journalist." At least that's the term used by Fox & Friends' Dave Briggs when he hosted Crowder, on Sunday's Fox & Friends, for a rant about evil Occupiers who hassled Crowder when they disrupted a conservative conference. Crowder, last seen on Fox when he whined about Jon Stewart's left wing bias, was given an almost uninterrupted platform from which to communicate the newest Fox "News" meme about those lawless, violent, and dirty f*#king OWS protesters. Oh, the irony! And while Crowder might not be doing comedy anymore, he's still a pathetic joker.

Last week, in Denver, the Occupy folks disrupted a conservative conference which had, as one of its speakers, "journalist" Crowder. To Brigg's question of what happened, Crowder said that "absolute total low lives, scumbags" were "violent and hostile" during the two times that that they were at the conference. Briggs did some sweet spin for Crowder in questioning why, if the Occupy people are against Wall Street and the 1%, would they hassle just a group of bloggers. To his question of what their message was, Crowder said that they thought the conference attendees had "Koch brother money" which, according to Crowder, they don't have. He then claimed that a blogger at Breitbart's "Big Government" has "documented over 200 crimes, felonies, rapes deaths." He wanted to know "at what point does this movement become, claims to be the violent unruly movement that it is by the mainstream media." He brayed about "how many deaths, how many felonies have to be committed" and blithered bizarrely about rape and the Occupy movement.

Briggs asked Crowder if he "sensed" that Democratic political support for the protests is waning. Making sure to stay on the Fox script, Crowder said that as the movement gets increasingly violent and hostile, "it will be hung around Barack Obama's neck." He escalated into another strange rant about lots of photos of protesters behaving badly including photos of protesters defecating on a police car. He was almost screaming when he asked "at what point does it become enough, it jumps the shark and Americans are sick of it. He repeated that it will be "hung around Barack Obama's neck in 2012."

Comment: So Crowder said that there was no Koch brothers money at the Conference. Really? Maybe the attendees didn't but the conference was sponsored by the right wing, Tea Party supporting "Freedom Works" which was started with Koch funding. If Crowder was paid by Freedom Works, he got, if not Koch funds, some scarole from those who defend the ideology that the Koch brothers represent. Maybe the attendees weren't part of the 1% but the speakers represented right wing luminaries like Michelle Malkin who defend the rich and powerful. One of the speakers was Islamophobic hate group leader, Pam Geller. While Crowder yelled about what, according to a Breitbart writer (who also spoke at the conference), were OWS unreported crimes (another Fox meme), the reality is that the majority of the occupiers have been peaceful. There was only one arrest, for trespassing, at the Denver conference. When the protesters made their second visit, they stood outside the building. Despite Crowder's testimony and the chyrons about "mayhem," it was hardly that. But poor Steven Crowder was surrounded by nasty Occupiers and that seemed to stress him out even more than being rejected by "The Daily Show." Conservative Debbie Schlussel said that Crowder pulls facts from his butt. On Sunday, he took another big, hot, steaming dump!


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