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Greta Van Susteren To Herman Cain: You Were Almost Like A Stalker

Reported by Ellen - November 15, 2011 -

There were two takeaway moments in Greta Van Susteren’s very lengthy interview with Gloria Cain tonight: The first takeaway moment was Mrs. Cain’s less than enthusiastic, not exactly unqualified, “I think he would” in response to Van Susteren asking if Herman Cain would be a good president. Later, after Gloria Cain detailed Herman’s dogged pursuit of her when she was not interested in him, Van Susteren said to Cain, “You’re almost like a stalker to her.” I have a feeling Van Susteren would prefer to take that comment back.

Predictably, Gloria Cain stood by her man. “He has always had too much respect for women to treat them in any type of negative way. That wasn’t a part of his being… He totally respects women,” she said. She also argued that Herman Cain is old school, the type who insists on walking on the outside of the sidewalk to protect a woman from anything that might happen in the street.

Sadly – and I hate to say this because Gloria Cain was personable, sympathetic and completely likeable – nothing she said convinced me the allegations were not true. I’ve given Cain the benefit of the doubt but as the allegations have mounted and Cain’s explanations have fallen short, the scales are tipping against him in my mind. Plus there was the “Princess Nancy” sneer and the Anita Hill joke. I’m sorry, Mrs. Cain, but that’s two public instances of not behaving respectfully toward women.

Another thing that struck me is that Gloria Cain did not talk about how sweet or kind or soft-hearted her husband is.

On the other hand, she did paint a picture of Cain as a pushy guy who refused to be deterred from courting her. Here’s how she described her feelings when she first met him (in the second video below).

Why doesn’t he just go away? But he kept talking and he kept talking… I think for the next year he would drop by my school. If I saw him on the other side of the bridge, it’s like ‘Why is he here? Why does he keep showing up?’ He just talked all the time. I just did not like that. So I avoided him.

Of course, later on, she fell for him.

In Part 3, Van Susteren asked Herman Cain about the courtship. “What was it that you hung around the school for like a year and you’re like – you’re almost like a stalker to her, you know, while she’s like trying to go to school and you talk too much and you know, you were so persistent until you had a conversation that changed on the phone."

Cain proceeded to tell an anecdote about their first date in which he suggested getting something to eat after a movie. The only problem? He didn’t have any money. So when Gloria demurely said she wasn’t that hungry (even though she was), he seized the moment to quickly usher her away from the restaurant.

That didn’t sound so respectful, either.

Understandably, Gloria Cain was not upbeat about the whole presidential process. She spoke poignantly about feeling the unspoken doubts and questions from her neighbors. So perhaps it was to be expected that she sounded a bit tentative when asked if she thought her husband would make a good president (in the second video below)

Gloria Cain: I think he would, I think he’d be a great president

Greta Van Susteren: Just think he would?

Cain made a sort of “I don’t know” face and said tentatively, “Yeah, yeah, I think he would. I think he would try to make a difference. That’s the one reason he’s doing this.”

Perhaps her restraint was also due to the fact that she may be an Obama supporter. The Atlanta Journal-Constitution recently reported:

While her husband votes Republican, Gloria Cain has voted in Democratic primaries and runoffs numerous times since 2000 — including the 2008 presidential primary that Barack Obama won with 66 percent of the vote, according to local voting records.

Somehow, Van Susteren never got around to that interesting tidbit about the Cain marriage.

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