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Brian Kilmeade Thinks Tim Tebow Is "Picked On" For His Faith

Reported by Priscilla - November 15, 2011 -

In yet another installment of its ongoing series about persecuted Christians, sports "friend" Brian Kilmeade used his interview with former football coach, Tony Dungy, to whine about how Tim Tebow is being criticized for his public displays of Christianity - which have spawned the new word "Tebowing" which, in turn, has spawned some rather amusing satire. Poor Tim Tebow. Once again, Jon Stewart's wise words come to mind about how "conservative victimization is the true genius of what Fox News has accomplished."

The main focus of yesterday's Kilmeade's piece was to talk about Dungy's new book. But because Christian victimhood is Fox & Friends' top priority, Dungy's book had to wait until later in the interview. Kilmeade referenced Tebow's two completions during Sunday's football game and then launched into the poor, persecuted Christian script with the comment that Tebow "is not only getting criticized for how he plays but who he is." Dungy responded that Tebow is a "lightening rod" in connection with both his faith and his playing. He cited arguments about whether Tebow should be the starting quarterback. The agitprop chyron supported the persecuted Christian meme: "Faith in Tebow, Has Backlash of QB Been Religion Related." Dungy did not feed into Kilmeade's meme. He said that Tebow has "strong beliefs which he stands up for and that's why people are excited to talk about him." Kilmeade wanted more red meat for the pitchfork crowd. As the chyron read "Tebowing, QB Praying During Game Has Become a Joke," Kilmeade described Dungy as "very religious" and asked him where "the anger comes from when someone is religious" and has "eyeblack that has spiritual sayings." Note - Kilmeade still hasn't provided any specifics about the mocking and the "anger" but he's framed the topic nicely. Dungy again didn't validate Kilmeade. He said that the problem, for some people, is Tebow's public "demonstration of his faith" which, for them, should be private. Dungy added that for Tebow it's just an example of who he is.

At almost two minutes into the segment, Kilmeade turned to the topic of Dungy's book.

Comment: Poor, persecuted Tim Tebow. Meanwhile, check out "Tebowing" - the new and holier planking!