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Maltese Knight Peter Johnson Jr. Praises Catholic College Opposition To Birth Control Mandate

Reported by Priscilla - November 14, 2011 -

Fox News has less than six degrees of separation from the Catholic Church. Given that the Catholic Church has traditionally been on the side of the rich and powerful, it's not surprising that Rupert Murdoch was given a Papal Knighthood in return for a large donation to the LA diocese for a new cathedral. The News Corps board of directors includes the very conservative Catholic and former Spanish president Jose Maria Aznar. Murdoch's American capo, Roger Ailes, isn't a Catholic but he attends Mass with his Catholic third wife. Many of the Fox anchors are Catholic and the one clergyperson who appears regularly, on Fox News, is a right wing former member of the wealthy and scandal ridden "Legion of Christ," Fr. Jonathan Morris. And it's just not choice of personnel that suggests Catholic influence in Fox News. The content, in relation to social issues, dovetails nicely with the conservative teaching of American bishops who have put "social justice" on a back burner while throwing their huge political clout to banning abortion and gay marriage. It was no coincidence that Fox "opinion" was spun for defunding of Planned Parenthood. The US bishop syndicate is not happy about health care reform regulations that mandate that Catholic institutions provide free contraception (as well as other gynecological related services) for their employees - despite the fact that many of these women are not Catholic. Thus, it wasn't surprising to see Fox's Maltese Knight, Peter Johnson Jr, on this morning's Fox & Friends, (Ailes little morning fiefdom) unilaterally defend those whose "war on women" is escalating.

As the read chyron "Freedom of Religion Violation? College Sues Over Contraception Mandate," Clayton Morris reported that a Catholic college is suing the federal government over the health care mandate that employers provide free contraception to their worker because it violated the school's religions beliefs. When asked about this, Fox's Peter Johnson Jr., said "amen." Without disclosing his devout Catholicism and connection to an "invitation only" Catholic "knighthood," Johnson defended the school's position against what Johnson described as a mandate to finance contraception, abortion, and sterilization because it's against the "cannon" of the Catholic church. Johnson became emotional when he referenced how the school feels that this policy is even more odious in that it would force the school to pay a fine for not following the policy. When Morris asked if the school would win the case, Johnson said "it was a superbly situated case...for religious liberty." He noted that other religious groups are raising the same objections but could only site the US Council of Catholic Bishops and several other Catholic bishops. (Non evangelicals and Jews don't have a problem with the policy). As the chyron read "Gov't Respect for Faith, College Says Religion Not Considered," Johnson cited the concern for "religious liberty" and claimed that it's "un-American" to force schools to do something against their faith. Interestingly, the term "un-American" is being used by the right wing Beck Fund which has filed the complaint. After Johnson said that the case has a "great, great chance of success," Morris said "it's an unbelievable story."

Comment: What's unbelievable is Johnson's contention that the school will be forced to fund sterilization and abortion. And that's cuz he morphed the "conscience clause" (allows certain health care workers to refuse to assist in an abortion) with the requirement that employers provide birth control - used by 98% of Catholic women. What isn't unbelievable is that Johnson didn't explain that the mandate includes "breast exams and pap smears, maternity care, HPV testing, gestational diabetes screening and breastfeeding support—sans co-payment, co-insurance or a deductible and without cost-sharing." What is also unbelievable, but sadly true, is that a "fair & balanced" "news" network would be aiding and abetting the world's oldest men's club in their fight to impose their religious beliefs on those who are not part of the club. These are the same roman collared coutured guys who, in the name of religious freedom, lobbied heavily (along with the hate group, Family Research Council) for the US House passed "let the women die" bill - a law that would allow Catholic hospitals to refuse to perform emergency abortions without which a woman would die. It's actually called the "Protect Life Act;" but, as Rep. Nancy Pelosi said, "it's a savage assault on women's health." Forget the "War on Christmas." There's a war on women and Fox News is bringing it!

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