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How Hannity "Corrected" Cain's Smear Against Harassment Accuser And Politico

Reported by Ellen - November 14, 2011 -

Last week, we posted about the wildly incorrect accusation made on the Hannity show by Herman Cain spokesman Mark Block - that one of the women accusing Cain of sexual harassment was the mother of a Politico reporter. Fox News had said it would correct the claim on the air. Whether they did or not depends on what your definition of a "correction" is.

Hannity got around to the subject, near the end of his show, during the Great American Panel segment the next night. Here's the conversation as TV Newser reported it (which comports with my recollection after watching it):

Democratic strategist and FNC analyst Joe Trippi said, “We had this yesterday. Block came on your show and started throwing around charges: the son of one of the accusers worked for…” Hannity jumped in saying “No, he was wrong with that. I even said, “did you confirm that?

TV Newser followed that up with the comment, "This is leaving some underwhelmed."

I'll say.

Note: This post originally stated that Block claimed the accuser was the daughter of a Politico reporter.

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