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Monica Crowley: Americans Are Sick Of Attack Politics (But Pay No Attention To My Record Of Attack Politics)

Reported by Ellen - November 13, 2011 -

Monica Crowley appeared on Hannity last Wednesday (11/9/11) and did her part to defend Herman Cain by attacking the so-called liberal media for having the nerve to ask him a debate question about allegations of sexual harassment against him – as if she wouldn’t be up in arms if a moderator had failed to ask the same question of a liberal candidate had he or she been in that position. Crowley said smugly, “At large, the American people are sick of political correctness and they’re sick of attack politics.” Oh, really? Then I’m looking forward to a new and improved Monica Crowley. Because the one I know has always reveled in attack politics.

Some examples of Crowley's brand of politics:

Crowley played the race card when she announed that President Obama's “anti-American policies” are popular in poor and African American communities because they are all “committed wealth redistributionists… and some demographics (she named the African American communities) benefit from that, disproportionately from everybody else." (9/20/11)

Crowley argued that the Christmas underwear bomber was part of President Obama's desire for the "radical remaking of America by shattering its very foundations.” (1/5/10)

Crowley "explained" tough questions for Obama advisor David Axelrod on Face The Nation by accusing host Bob Schieffer of offering secretly coded campaign tips to Axelrod. (10/12/10)

During the 2008 campaign, Crowley described a Hillary Clinton resurgence by comparing her to a movie psychokiller: "Well, you know, she's like Glenn Close at the end of Fatal Attraction - you think she's dead and then she just bolts upright in the tub!" (January, 2008)

Finally, where was the substance in Crowley's remark about Rep. Debbie Wassserman Schultz, "She of the angry perm?" In fact, that little comment from Crowley came whle she was defending Rep. Allen West's vicious and deliberately aimed attack on Wasserman Schultz. Rather than stand up against "attack politics" on that occasion, Crowley piled on. (7/21/11)

Do you think maybe she only cares about "attack politics" when it's a Republican on the receiving end?

Video via Media Matters:

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