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Fox & Friends & Fr. Jonathan Morris Don't Need No Stinking Atheist Chaplains In US Military

Reported by Priscilla - November 13, 2011 -

If there's one stimulus that's sure to get the Fox "News" audience salivating, it's anything connected to atheists or atheism. Christian conservatives, who applaud over people dying without health insurance and waterboarding, loathe atheists as much as they do "illegals" and gays. They are in agreement that atheists are trying to turn this "Christian nation" into a godless state based on ungodly reason - a concept that's anathema to victimized Christians for whom Fox "News" is a mouthpiece. Recently, groups supporting Satan's atheistic minions have started to lobby for the military to appoint atheist "chaplains" as a way for heathens to have the same kind of support that is provided for other religious groups. This concept is supported by many of the atheists (9,400) who serve (Jesus wept) in the military. These folks have pointed out that Christianity still is still very pervasive in the military which results in subtle if not outright proselytization. But a retired evangelical army chaplain sees the demand for atheists "chaplains" as being "less about the needs of the active duty troops and more about a vocal minority of New Atheists wanting to spread its anti-Christian movement from the public square to the military." His comment, that atheists are "a militant minority" who are "against evangelical Christianity, dovetails nicely with the ongoing Fox memes of persecuted Christians and evil atheists. Enter, stage right (drum roll please) Fox's one true pastor, Catholic priest Father Jonathan Morris to read his Sunday gospel according to Fox "News."

Poor Fr. Morris. Last Sunday he was just so upset about how those evil atheists will be infiltrating the Vanderbilt Catholic club. (Why anyone, atheist or not, would want to join a campus Catholic club is beyond me but whatever...) And today he's back for another one sided discussion about the push for atheist chaplains. Alysin Camerota reported that this movement has been "reignited" after a soldier claimed that a chaplain "berated him for quote a lack of faith." Clayton Morris added that this soldier wants to become a humanist chaplain to "advise and counsel non-believers." Fr. Morris went so far as to say that "maybe" the soldier was berated but "he's doing it in the wrong way." He added that the word "chaplain" comes from the Latin word for "sanctuary" or "place of worship." The Sunday crew said "right" when Fr. Morris questioned how spiritual counseling relates to non-belief. Clayton Morris said it's an oxymoron. Briggs chuckled and said "yeah." Camerota noted that the "semantics" are problematic and that the term "atheist/humanist leader" or "life coach" would be more appropriate.

Fr. Morris, whose only "service" was to his pals in the Legion of Christ, responded that it's not just the wording but how it relates to the organization of the military chaplaincy. As he spoke a video of a Catholic priest saying Mass was shown. He did his best jazz hands while he pontificated about how the military chaplains preside over many religions and "if you want to be recognized as a chaplain and paid as a chaplain then our country is saying we are not willing to stand up for what we believe to be a very good thing for our soldiers and that is the development of spirituality." To this somewhat incoherent statement, Clayton Morris said that it "makes a lot of sense going for a title that makes no sense at all." (WTF - it's not about the title it's about atheists having a "sanctuary.") Father Morris brought home the dogma when he claimed that American atheists are "not well represented by people like this who want to make a political point, to be an activist group, to degrade those and that's what I think this is it's degrading the military chaplaincy saying that...it doesn't matter what you believe or not believe within this chaplaincy." Despite the fact that there are many denominations of chaplains who represent women, as well as men, there was more side video of Catholic chaplains. Camerta summed it up: So you're saying find a different way to be a leader, to comfort people." Mr. Morris said he should become a psychologist. Dave Briggs said "it makes sense to us."

Comment: By recommending that this soldier become a psychologist, the sweet and oh-so-dramatic little Catholic Fox priest is saying that atheists have mental health problems which misses the whole point of the push for the chaplaincy - but it sure makes for some great propaganda which advances the Fox meme of pushy atheists. If atheists are getting hassled by Jesus' BFF's (and they are) it's not because of something that they need to address. But it is something that can be addressed by a like minded person who can provide them with the type of warm affirmation provided to persecuted Christians by Fox "News" and Fr. Morris who just can't stand those tacky atheists! Hopefully he's able to calm down with a nice Pernod and grapefruit juice.


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