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Fox Trots Out Two Doctors To Assure Us That Rick Perry’s Brain Freeze Was No Big Deal!

Reported by Ellen - November 12, 2011 -

In yet another episode of Republican rehab on Fox, the O’Reilly Factor brought on not one but two medical doctors to discuss Rick Perry’s debate brain freeze. Guest host Juan Williams gave an inkling of how things would go when he "asked" in his introduction, “Was Perry’s memory lapse just an example of a brain freeze that happens to most of us every single day?”

Dr. Leigh Vinocur assured the audience that with all the multitasking Perry was doing, “It could happen to anybody.”

“It’s so human to me!” Williams interjected.

Dr. Patrick Lyden said, “We store our language in one part of the brain and we use a different part of our brain to actually produce speech.” Under conditions of stress or sleep deprivation, he explained, sometimes the two parts of the brain don’t connect.

As a closing question, Williams asked, “Should people draw a negative judgment about Governor Perry and his ability as a leader on the basis of this brain freeze or is it just unfair?”

What do you think the doctors said?

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