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Perry Gets A Debate Do-Over From Fox

Reported by Ellen - November 11, 2011 -

Rick Perry was on Fox News at least three times yesterday doing damage control over his debate debacle the night before. He appeared on Fox & Friends, America Live and capped off his Fox News trifecta with a 16-minute segment on On The Record. On the two later shows, Perry probably got more time to expound on his campaign platform than he ever would have gotten in the debate.

As I noted in an earlier post about Perry on Fox & Friends, the curvy couch crew fell over themselves empathizing with Perry over his debate gaffe the night before. Later, when Perry appeared on America Live, in a video Fox News helpfully titled, “Gov. Perry: It’s Happened To Everybody,” host Megyn Kelly was pretty frank about Perry’s performance in the debate. But there was still plenty of time for Perry to stump – unimpeded by other candidates or challenging policy questions from the host. He even had an opportunity to pull out the postcard you'll be able to file your taxes on if his plan becomes tax law.

But for debate do-over, On The Record took the cake. Greta Van Susteren dispatched with the debate debacle in two and a half minutes. Perry had the next 14 minutes for what amounted to a one-on-one with a debate moderator.

To her credit, Van Susteren asked decent, tough and substantive questions, such as, “If you were president, is there anything you would be doing right now about the, about the economic situation in the euro zone?” and, “I was re-reading your book today and in one part you said that Washington Republicans are unwilling to truly fight and I thought, ‘Well, if it’s a President Perry and he comes to Washington and he’s already insulted the Republicans on Capitol Hill, he’s got a little bit of a problem on his hands.' Do you still think that? What’s your thought on the Republicans on Capitol Hill now and how would you at least corral them and persuade Democrats to work with you?”

She also asked about the border and Perry’s in-state tuition for Texas residents even if they are not legal immigrants. That gave Perry a chance to apologize for his “arrogant” remarks calling his fellow Republicans “heartless” if they didn’t support his policy.

He even had an opportunity to pull out the tax postcard again.

Once again, FoxNews.com did its part for the effort. The website called the last video: Perry: On the Rebound and Ready to Put America Back to Work.

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