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Your World Helps Rep. Joe Walsh Blame His Near Meltdown On Coffee And An Empty Stomach

Reported by Guest Blogger - November 10, 2011 -

By Brian

Deadbeat Dad Rep. Joe Walsh (R-IL) got another dose of Republican rehab from Your World and host Neil Cavuto yesterday, this time to help explain away Walsh’s near meltdown during a gathering with constituents. A video of the episode went viral. As Priscilla posted, Fox Nation gave Walsh its own rehab by blaming the constituent who had the nerve to ask Walsh a question. Cavuto was somewhat critical of Walsh’s behavior but never challenged his excuse: "I made the mistake of doing this on a very empty stomach with a little too much coffee, which sort of got me a little too fired up." Of course, there were no embarrassing questions about child support.

Cavuto laughed good naturedly and said, "You had to calm down there. I mean, I think these people were just asking innocent questions. I mean, what happened?"

"They were a great crowd," Walsh said.

"You're turning on people who liked you," Cavuto noted.

Walsh “explained,” "So many of us have this mentality, and I guess this is the nerve that was pushed in me that the private sector has caused this mess we're in, and I just see everybody creeping back into wanting more regulation, and that sort of sets me off, but I needed to eat something that morning."

"Did you have any coffee prior to this?" Cavuto asked?

Yes, he had. Walsh said, “I downed a couple of quick cups which was probably a mistake... Did I go over the line on Sunday? Yeah." He said "Most people find it refreshing that a Congressman is so accessible… I've gone over the top before, but, look, in general, we bring all comers to these events." He said he was later "laughing" with the woman who asked the question.

Not to worry, as far as Cavuto was concerned. He told Walsh, “I think the world of you… You speak your mind." Although Cavuto said, “It looked like you were actually scaring people,” he also said reassuringly, “Next time, food, decaf, and away we go."

Walsh never said he was sorry.

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