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Bill Hemmer Thinks Rep. Joe Walsh's Freak Out Was Awesome?

Reported by Priscilla - November 10, 2011 -

As I reported yesterday, GOP Rep. and "deadbeat dad" Joe Walsh freaked out during a casual get together ("cup of Joe") with his constituents at a bar and grill. Now that this video has gone viral and has been featured on other networks, Joe is making appearances on Fox News so that he can joke about how his inappropriate behavior was the result of not having eaten. He was on Neil Cavuto's show yesterday and he and Neil joked about how Walsh should drink de-caf coffee. And today, he and alleged "news" host, Bill Hemmer, had lots of laughs about Walsh's bizarre and offensive treatment of his constituents. And in the process, Walsh got to clarify GOP talking points without interruptions from those troublemaking (that's how Fox Nation described them!) constituents. It was Republican rehab at its finest.

After playing only a small segment of the video (not the "it pisses me off" part) Hemmer was just all smiles as he laughingly introduced Walsh. It couldn't have gotten any more "bro" as Hemmer asked Walsh "how you doing?" When Walsh joked that he's going to lay off the coffee, Hemmer joked about Walsh's performance was a "double shot of expresso." Walsh described how he does lots of these meetings and claimed that he was "on edge" at that one because he hadn't eaten. Hemmer said he only wanted to know what the issue was. Walsh said the issue is "the continual blaming of the deregulation if the private sector for the mess we're in" and that "he's tired" of people who don't understand that "Washington caused this mess." He blithered about how Washington is "meddling too much." He repeated his trope about being tired of folks blaming the private sector when "Washington caused this mess." Rather than mentioning how Wall Street and the banks were part of the problem, Hemmer asked Walsh about who was in the room. Walsh said that "his button was pushed" because of the blaming of the banks.

Rather than point out how Walsh didn't allow his constituents to say anything, Hemmer provided the requisite Fox validation for badly behaving Republican politicians: "Listen, some people might watch this and say you go Joe because they might agree with you." Walsh said that he's gotten a lot of positive feedback from folks who say he's right. He then made the perfunctory Fox/GOP reference to Occupy Wall Street and how "everybody wants to blame the private sector." He articulated the right wing talking point about how the government "wanted everybody to have a home" which is a facile explanation of the foreclosure crisis and an excuse for how lending institutions gave loans to those who couldn't afford to pay them back. Hemmer just listened politely while Walsh provided the important GOP message. Walsh said that he apologized to the woman whose face he got up in during the rant. Hemmer joked that he would be at the next "cup of Joe" to see what happens.

Comment: What you didn't hear from the almost reverential Hemmer was that the woman to whom Walsh apologized is a postal worker who asked Walsh about how he would save jobs like hers. Walsh, a true man of the people - the 1% that is - responded that he didn't care about "the loss of public sector jobs." And Fox News doesn't care about the fears and frustrations of those whose jobs are in jeopardy so that Walsh's pals can keep their tax cuts. Hemmer didn't say bupkis about what the constituents were trying to say. And that's because the point of the segment was to give Walsh an opportunity to say his talking points and for Fox "News" to validate them. Republican rehab combined with Republican propaganda. You go Bill Hemmer! Oh, and BTW, if a Democratic member of congress, who owed lots of child support, was caught screaming at his constituents, do ya think Hemmer would have been so sweet? But Walsh is a teabagger and Fox does provide them with lots of sugar!


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