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GOP Rep. Freaks Out - Fox Nation Claims Calm Constituent Was "Troublemaker"

Reported by Priscilla - November 9, 2011 -

Fox Nation had no problem with good, ole Merkin teabaggers who screamed incoherently during town hall meetings. Flash forward to a recent Q& A session, held at a local restaurant, hosted by GOP Illinois congressman Joe Walsh who is such a fine paragon of conservative, Christian "family values" that he owes his wife lots of money in back child support. And because he's such an example of manly Christian responsibility, he received an accolade from the hate group "Family Research Council." Anyway, during the casual meet and greet, Walsh's constituents asked him questions in a calm and rational manner. Walsh's response - not so much! In fact, he had a total freak out about how these folks shouldn't blame the banks for causing the foreclosure crisis. There is video to show that Walsh overreacted to questioning that was not innappropriate. Yet, Fox Nation's headline is "Tea Party Rep. Blows Gasket At Town Hall Troublemaker..." First, it wasn't a "town hall." Second, "trouble maker" is wildly unsubstantiated and off the mark. It's funny. There is video available one of which is Martha MacCallum's coverage of Walsh's apoplexy. There is another video of the entire session. Neither were posted on Fox Nation. "Fair & Balanced?" You Bet!

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