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O’Reilly Sleight Of Hand Redirects Attention From Herman Cain Sexual Harassment Scandal To Rev. Wright And Bill Ayers

Reported by Ellen - November 8, 2011 -

Another night, another Fox News sleight of hand that deflected attention away from the Herman Cain sexual harassment scandal and dredged up animosity toward some favorite targets instead - in this case President Obama and the media. On last night’s O’Reilly Factor, Bill O’Reilly cited a NewsBusters study showing more CNN coverage of the Cain scandal than of President Obama’s “campaign troubles” with Rev. Wright, Bill Ayers and Tony Rezko. Yet neither O’Reilly nor his guest Bernard Goldberg managed to explain the significance of this vis-a-vis the Cain scandal.

On Fox News Watch over the weekend, Alan Colmes explained how much of the Cain media frenzy was driven by Cain, himself, who went “out front on all the media outlets talking about this” yet failed to deal adequately with the story.

But not only did O’Reilly and Goldberg ignore Cain’s handling of the media, they didn’t even mention the fact that a woman had stepped forward earlier that day to make specific allegations of sexually abusive conduct toward her by Cain. Also not mentioned? That O’Reilly, himself, has been accused of the same behavior (the case was quickly settled).

As O’Reilly and Goldberg gloated over their CNN gotcha, they failed to consider what it did or didn’t mean about the Cain story. Even if Cain is a victim of media bias, that certainly doesn’t prove him innocent of sexual harassment charges. Were O’Reilly And Goldberg suggesting we should revisit the Wright, Ayers and Rezko matters to make everything fairer? That the whole Cain story is a matter of a phony witchhunt? Significantly, neither one said that.

As a matter of fact, neither one even said that the coverage of Cain has been excessive.

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