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Eric Bolling Takes Herman Cain’s Conspiracy Theory One Crazy Step Further

Reported by Aunty Em - November 8, 2011 -

The accusations that Herman Cain allegedly sexually harassed several women is a classic “She said/He said” news story, with no corroborating evidence for either side (at the time of this writing). When one woman came forward to make allegations, Cain was pretty much forced to hold his own presser to push back at the charges. And there it stands. However, while he denied all, Cain also said he knew who was responsible for his troubles: the “Democrat Machine.” When Fox “News” cut to an abridged version of The Five, Herman Cain was obviously going to be the topic. That’s when it got crazy. Eric Bolling was only happy to echo Cain’s conspiracy and Bob Beckel kept trying to (figuratively) knock some sense into him. But Bolling wasn't having any of that because he took the conspiracy to new heights: He practically blamed every problem that every conservative has ever had on a mysterious Democratic cabal that he would never name, no matter how many times Beckel tried to drag it out of him. Watch the fireworks:

01:40 EB: Look. This is a systematic taking apart by the Democrats of the Conservative candidates. First it was Palin, then it was Bachmann, then it was Perry, and then it was Cain, but I think what he’s done, he’s turned it around a little bit. So, whatever number he raised—2 million, I’m not sure he did but whatever numbers—I think it’s gonna increase going forward from here.

BB: For you to suggest for a minute that the Democrats are the ones behind the taking apart of Conservatives is just outrageous! The fact of the matter is I, I was for—I’ve defended Herman Cain for the last week. I do not now after he makes these allegations about the Democratic organization that’s behind this. Herman. Let me explain something to you: It’s not us! It’s Republicans doing it to you.

EB: Awww, Bob, please. It was Palin—

BB: Awww, bullshi— [He appears to have caught himself]

EB: Remember Palin? Hold on. Remember it was Palin, and was 23,000 document dumps and then they were going to find something? And then there was Bachmann—

BB: Who did that? Who did that? WHO DID THAT?

EB: Hold on. And then there was Rick Perry and he was sleepy at debates or he was drunk at a speech.

BB: Who did that?

EB: And now Herman Cain. It’s the left.

BB: Are you suggesting it was the Democrats?

EB: And I will tell you unequivocally—

BB: What’s your proof? Do you have the proof?

EB: —I don’t have the proof.

BB: Of course you don’t.


EB: The point is that what it is doing. It’s taking the eye off the real issue: the economy stinks, jobs are horrible and—you know what?—it’s time to focus on Obama, not Cain.

BB: Eric, Eric, Eric, let me say this as calmly as I can to you: The making of allegations like that with no evidence and no—nothing to back it up—

EB: I didn’t point a finger at any person.

BB: […] But the idea that somehow he [Cain] would infer, and you would suggest, that this has something to do with the Democrats is outrageous and McCarthyesque.

In the remaining 10 minutes Bolling and Beckel returned to this subject time and time again with Beckel pushing back against Bolling’s conspiracy each time. And, not once did anyone else say the obvious: Eric Bolling was just making shit up.

CHANGED: Nov 9, 2011; 6:15AM EST: Corrected mistake from "Bolling" to "Beckel" and corrected small typo "mater" to "matter."