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Dick Morris Smears Cain Accuser: I Look Forward To Her Spread In Playboy

Reported by Ellen - November 8, 2011 -

Hot on the heels of Mike Huckabee likening sexual harassment to being called “Sweetie,” Fox News pundit Dick Morris dismissed Monday’s Herman Cain accuser, Sharon Bialek, as little more than a slut looking for a way to cash in. No investigation was necessary, to hear Morris tell it last night. The only facts he cared about were that Bialek is unemployed and had joined forces with Democratic attorney Gloria Allred. The facts that he and host Sean Hannity didn't care about? That Bialek is a Republican, that Cain blames the Rick Perry campaign for starting this scandal and – most importantly – that the Cain campaign is Morris' client.

“This is ridiculous,” Morris said about Bialek’s allegations that Cain made unwelcome sexual advances toward her. “I mean, it’s a marriage made in heaven. Gloria Allred is in search of headlines and this woman is in search of money… This woman has been unemployed for 13 years and this is, apparently, payday. (According to Allred, it’s been 2 years. Allred said she worked for a foundation connected with the National Restaurant Association in 2006 and 2007, e.g.)

Surprisingly, Hannity was not so quick to dismiss Bialek or her allegations. “Allred is saying she could have sold the story, she didn’t sell the story. Allred is also…”

Morris cut him off. “Yeah, but she will (sell the story).” After Hannity acknowledged that was a possibility, Morris added, “I look forward to her spread in Playboy.” Then he chuckled maliciously.

“Of course it’s about money,” Morris later said, though he also said Cain should “put the matter to rest” by releasing the results of the NRA investigation into the sexual harassment allegations.

As Hannity made what was perhaps a Freudian slip by saying Cain “made very inappropriate advances” (as opposed to “may have made” such advances), Morris snickered over his next off-color joke: “The only advance she wants is a cash advance.”

Without offering any proof, Morris added, “This is obviously a copycat that’s just trying to cash in. How did she get to Gloria Allred? How did she connect with the leading Democratic operative for this kind of thing? This is way too fishy.”

That’s right, let’s attack the accuser – and forget about the accusation!

In sync with Morris, Fox News producers also portrayed Cain as the victim. During the discussion, a graphic taking up a large chunk of the lower right-had corner read: Anatomy of a smear campaign.

Before closing, Morris made a plea on behalf of a Republican candidate and a ballot measure to be voted on Tuesday. One can’t help but wonder if Morris gets paid to promote them, too.

Video via Media Matters.

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