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O’Reilly Uses Herman Cain Scandal To Make Racial Attacks On Sharpton And Jackson

Reported by Ellen - November 7, 2011 -

Bill O’Reilly didn’t come right out Friday night (11/4/11) and blame liberals for the Herman Cain sexual scandal, as Ann Coulter did a few days previously, but the sleight of hand was the same. Instead of discussing Cain’s bungled reaction to the scandal or, more significantly, the fact that Cain thinks the campaign of his Republican competitor, Rick Perry, was responsible for the Politico article that launched the scandal, O’Reilly used it as an excuse to paint Rev. Al Sharpton and Jesse Jackson as racial hypocrites for not defending Cain.

Although guest Marc Lamont Hill made some excellent points, including that Cain’s civil rights were not being violated so there was no reason for the two to step in, he remained on defense by “explaining” instead of questioning the entire framing of the “issue.” Why was O’Reilly making an issue out if this, if not to malign Sharpton and Jackson – and provide an excuse to bring up Tawana Brawley and O.J. Simpson – as if that history had anything to do with Cain?

And if O’Reilly is so concerned about Jackson and Sharpton standing up for Cain, he really ought to be questioning why they’re not going after Perry, the likeliest perpetrator.

I guess if Fox News can’t defend a Republican in trouble, the next best thing is to come up with a reason to attack liberals over it. It’s too bad Hill didn’t call out the agenda.

In case you think it was just O’Reilly playing that game, FoxNews.com called its video of the segment, Why Are Jackson and Sharpton Silent on Cain? The subtitle was, "O'Reilly debates Dr. Marc Lamont Hill about activists' hypocritical support."

It will be interesting to see how the prime time talkers handle the latest revelations about Cain tonight.

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