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On Fox & Friends: Right Wing "Comic" Brad Stine Says Liberals Responsible For "Wussification" Of American Men

Reported by Priscilla - November 7, 2011 -

What passes for conservative "humor" isn't really funny. It can be homicidal, such as when Ann Coulter "joked" about assassinating SCOTUS judge. It can be offensive to blacks and women, such as when Greg Gutfeld did routines during which he "joked" about a black super-model playing the race card and "joked" about women who have abortions. It can also be just plain stupid as evidenced by anything emanating from the mouth of Steve Crowder. Maybe it's because conservatives see the world through a dogmatic prism of black and white while non ideologues are more nuanced and thus more able to see the irony in the human condition which is the basis for much of the edgy satire. But conservative comics don't seem to want to appeal to this sense of irony; but rather, convey conservative talking points. Humor isn't supposed to be about conveying messages; but "comedians" who appear on Fox News do seem to have an agenda. Such was the case on this morning's Fox & Friends who hosted conservative, Christian comic Brad Stine whose "comedy" routine was really a platform for solid, right wing talking points. Suffice to say Jon Stewart has nothing to worry about. If you can get past the shoulder length greasy hair, bad teeth, unshaven look, and manic delivery (high on Jesus?), it's so worth watching.

The "morning muppets" (love Gawker) featured the comedic stylings of Brad Stine who, as a youth, led the "carny life" and went on to doing stand-up. After his conversion to Christianity, he made his faith the focus of his acts. Because he's a Christian, he doesn't use profanity and has been described as a "clean Dennis Leary" (As you'll see, he's no Dennis Leary) who targets liberals, athiests, and political correctness. (Also targeted by Fox & Friends!). He founded "God Men" a Christian group that emphasizes "spiritual Christianity" and who "give thanks" to God for their testosterone. (Seriously, I'm not kidding.) Stine, who believes that men are the rulers of the family, is concerned about the "wussification" of America. And lo and behold, that was the subject for this morning's "comedy."

The "humor" was based on findings that more men are moving back with their parents and that, according to "desiccated scarecrow" (love Gawker) Steve Doocy, has provided fodder for "comedian" Brad Stine who, for all of you Stine fans, has a book and DVD about the - wait for it - "Wussification" of American men. Stine was up and running. See if you can spot the right wing talking points. He talked about how this might surprise the "liberal professors who are indoctrinating our kids;" but the "first men" of this country, "who believed in the Judeo-Christian god," didn't take handouts and said "if you don't get it, it's your fault." (Slaves couldn't "get it") The couch crew tittered. All smiles when he said "we used to be men." He shouted that "entitlement programs" have "killed so many men" and that "the Founding Fathers believed...you're entitled to whatever you earn with your own labor." He brayed about how conservative "little" government beliefs were what motivated "men who invent things" like those who created the Constitution. More tittering as he manically shouted about how liberal big government "creates boys and they create things like Occupy Wall Street. Doocy was laughing heartily at this side splitter!

Gretch had a great big smile when he blamed this phenomenon on "political correctness" and how it should be "shoved back into hell where it came from." More laughs when he "joked" about how in the good old days, boys were given lawn darts which taught concentration because they could kill you. After even more laughs about dodgeball, the segment ended when Gretch, in her happiest voice and biggest smile, said how awesome it was that Stine could "liven things up."

Comment: Hardeharha. But it's ironic, don't ya think, that male "wussification" was a topic for a panel that included Steve Doocy, the author of "Mr. Happy." Anyway, the old Monty Python song, "Men, Men, Men" comes to mind. Or is it the Village People's "macho, macho, man..." Other than that, I'm at a loss for words.


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