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Megyn Kelly & Mike Huckabee Play Defense For Mitt Romney On "Personhood"

Reported by Priscilla - November 7, 2011 -

As I previously reported, the Democrats are highlighting Mitt Romney's embrace of radical anti-choice "personhood" amendments as illustrative of his flip flop on the abortion issue. On Friday, Fox's Megyn Kelly told Rick Santorum that she just doesn't understand why the Democrats would want to "inject" abortion into the election. (Why indeed?) Earlier, on "America Live," she spoke about the same issue with Mike Huckabee, whose Fox News show provided a national platform for Mitt Romney to proclaim his belief that life begins at conception and that he would support amendments supporting this belief - a belief that Romney did not have when he was governor of Massachusetts. But worry not, Mike Huckabee said that even the sainted Ronald Reagan changed his mind about stuff so it's all good.

Kelly pointed out what she saw as the "contradiction" in the way that the Democrats are painting Mitt Romney as extreme on his "life" position while trying to say that he's a flip flopper on the issue. (Uh, he was pro-choice, he flip flopped, and now he embraces the radical anti-choice view. What's the problem?). Huckabee said that both Reagan and GW Bush converted from pro-choice to pro-life and that it's not "uncommon" for politicians to have a "change of position." He did note that it's "problematic" for Romney who will have some splaining to do. Using a good ole boy hunting metaphor, he's said that it's "flattering" that the DNC has "targeted" Romney as it indicates that the Democrats think that he's beating Obama. Kelly asked if the Democrats will be making this a national campaign issue which "we haven't heard that much about in this election" as the issues have been focused on the economy. She wanted to know if this is "a calculated attempt to shift the discussion." Huckabee responded that "it's a desperate attempt" to "shift attention from the economy."

Comment: Note to Megyn: Abortion is a huge issue. But rather than attempting to point out how Romney's radical anti-choice position could alienate him from the more moderate Republicans and independents, Megyn Kelly chose to frame this as a way to show the Democrats as engaging in desperate tactics. In neither of her Friday interviews, with Rick Santorum and Mike Huckabee, did Kelly attempt to inform her audience about the nature of radical, anti-choice personhood laws which Republican Mitt Romney is now supporting. If she had, she would have illustrated why the Democrats are "injecting" abortion into the election and why, for them, it's a very effective strategy. But in painting these amendments in warm and fuzzy euphemisms ("valuing life"), Fox "News" shows its true colors as America's "pro-life" newsroom. I guess that along with gays and Muslims, Roger Ailes doesn't really like women! Oh, and I'm loving the Republican rehab that Huckabee provided for Mitt Romney who just had a "change of position." Funny, Democrat John Kerry wasn't afforded the same kind of Fox fellowship as is Mitt, I was for a woman's right to an abortion before I was against it, Romney. Got hypocrisy? Fox "News" does!


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