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Is Fox Nation Inadvertently Or Deliberately Negligent In Not Correcting Its Grossly Inaccurate Smear Of EPA Head Lisa Jackson?

Reported by Ellen - November 6, 2011 -

The administrator of the Environmental Protection Agency, Lisa Jackson, recently stated that despite right-wing claims that “230,000 new EPA jack-booted thugs” were about to crack down on greenhouse emissions from sources such as Americans’ backyard grills and cows, the EPA was actually planning to exempt individuals and small businesses and go after larger emitters. But she was grossly misquoted by Red State (among others) as having called Republicans, “Those jack-booted thugs." "Fair and balanced" Fox Nation ran with the misquote without bothering to check the facts. But what’s worse, the story has now been retracted, yet Fox Nation has failed to correct or even take down its false and deliberately inflammatory post. (H/T Holly J.)

As Media Matters reported, Jackson actually said:

JACKSON: You may have heard that EPA intends to triple its budget and add 230,000 new regulators to cut greenhouse gas emissions from sources like -- be prepared -- backyard grills and cows. In truth, we put forward a tailoring rule months ago, a common sense plan to tailor greenhouse gas standards so that we could exempt small sources, like small businesses from regulations, and focus the country's regulatory attention on the largest sources of greenhouse gasses. A massive expansion was never a possibility, and the people who cited the 230,000 new EPA jack-booted thugs knew that.

Politico reported the error at about 6 PM EDT on Friday, November 4th. Red State has also retracted the story. But now, more than 48 hours later, Fox Nation’s blaring headline, EPA Chief Calls Republicans 'Jack-Booted Thugs, is still there.
Is this inadvertent or deliberate negligence? I report, you decide.

And, by the way, even if Fox Nation does acknowledge the error, isn’t an apology really what’s in order?


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