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Bill O'Reilly Raps Religion With Dennis Miller

Reported by Priscilla - November 6, 2011 -

Not only is Bill O'Reilly looking out for you; but he's looking out for God. While he used to be obsessed with Miley Cyrus, he's now obsessed with God. "The Factor," of late, has been a place for theological exegesis where God loving Bill can "kick" atheist "butt" and do his best "Summa Theologica" with his fellow God loving travelers one of whom, he thought, was Dennis Miller. But sadly, for Bill, Catholic soul bro and washed up comedian Miller didn't quite provide the affirmation that Bill was looking for. But not to worry - Bill, once again, validated his own devout Catholicism which we should never question given that Bill is such an exemplary example of a man who truly lives his faith.

Wednesday night, Bill started off his conversation, with Miller, by reporting that President Obama will be going to France for an economic summit. In a total non-sequitor he asked Miller if he believed in God. Miller joked about his beliefs but asserted that he is a "believer." Bill asked Miller if he was "a Catholic kid in Pittsburgh." Miller responded, "Yes, but last time -- last time I went to confession, I said "You first." Things have gotten a little rickety over there." Bill followed with a statement about how "you can't hold the theology responsible for the people in it." They joked back and forth until Miller concluded that segment of the conversation with a comment about "guys who are imbued with God and they've got that look about them and that resonance and you know there's something there." (No spiritual women?)

Comment: Next time Bill O'Reilly talks about jihad coming out of Islam, somebody should tell me that he once said that "you can't hold the theology responsible for the people in it." Or better yet, just tell him to STFU.


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