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No Embarassing Questions For Rick Perry About Herman Cain Scandal!

Reported by Ellen - November 3, 2011 -

Sean Hannity conducted a ½ hour lapdog interview with Rick Perry last night (11/2/11). But while Cain had accused the Perry campaign of being the source for the report of sexual harassment claims against him, Hannity carefully avoided any mention of it during the interview. Even worse, at the end of each segment of the Perry interview, Hannity repeatedly teased an upcoming discussion about Cain’s assertions against a “GOP rival” – without revealing that those charges were being made against the very guy who was the subject of the first half of the show.

The videos below have the complete Perry interview. For some reason, FoxNews.com only posted the first two segments and broke them down into three online videos. The third segment (and fourth video) is from us. You can see that although Hannity asked Perry to comment on Cain’s platform, not a single question was asked about the sexual harassment scandal.

The Perry interview had been pre-recorded so it’s possible Cain’s blaming of Perry for the scandal had not yet occurred by the time of the interview. But unless the interview was recorded before Sunday night (when the news first broke), Hannity had to have had a suspicion that one of Cain’s rivals planted the story.

But even if the thought never crossed Hannity’s mind during the interview, he surely knew by the time he got back to the studio and did live teases of the upcoming segment about Cain’s allegations.

At the end of the first Perry segment, Hannity teased what was to come on the show and added, “Plus, who the Cain campaign is blaming for leaking the so-called smear. All the very latest on this developing story."

At the end of the next Perry segment, Hannity teased, “Plus, the Cain campaign is pointing fingers, saying a GOP rival is behind the sexual harassment leak. That and much more, coming up tonight on Hannity.”

After the Perry interview had ended and before going to a commercial break, Hannity announced, “Now Cain’s campaign is saying that the story was leaked by one of his GOP rivals. We’ll explain.”

One can just imagine the awkwardness for Fox when one Republican candidate is feuding with another.

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