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Georgia Terrorism Suspect Allegedly Found Inspiration In Fox News Expert’s Novel

Reported by Ellen - November 3, 2011 -

You may have read about four men arrested in Georgia Tuesday for what the New York Times described as a domestic terror plot involving guns, bombs and the toxin ricin, all aimed at killing federal and state officials and spreading terror. Yesterday (11/2/11), Fox News’ Jonathan Serrie reported on the case for America’s Newsroom and noted in his report that one of the defendants “allegedly cited the online novel, Absolved, which discusses small groups of citizens attacking U.S. officials. Apparently, this defendant… allegedly saying that these attacks would be based on events in that novel.” But what Serrie and host Martha MacCallum didn’t mention is that the author of Absolved is a Fox News expert.

Media Matters has the details:

Indeed, the author, Mike Vanderboegh, has been mainstreamed by the network, which has repeatedly featured him as an expert on the ATF's failed Operation Fast and Furious. Fox has identified Vanderboegh as an "online journalist" and an "authority on the Fast and Furious investigation," and has consistently failed to acknowledge his extremist views, actions, and affiliations.

Vanderboegh, a former member of the militia and Minuteman movements and now a leader of the "anti-government extremist group" the Three Percenters, which claims to represent the three percent of gun owners who "who will not disarm, will not compromise and will no longer back up at the passage of the next gun control act" but will instead, "if forced by any would-be oppressor, ... kill in the defense of ourselves and the Constitution."

Maybe that's why our Priscilla couldn't find the story on Fox Nation.

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