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Herman Cain Ready To Go To War Against Iran

Reported by Ellen - November 2, 2011 -

Herman Cain may be fuzzy about the details of sexual harassment charges against him but he made it crystal clear that if he’s elected president, we’ll be at war with Iran. That seemed too much, even for Bill O’Reilly.

After O’Reilly finished talking about the sexual harassment scandal with Cain, the two moved on by discussing Cain’s platform on the economy and foreign policy. At about 5:50 in the video below, Cain said, “I would double the number of ballistic-missile defense capable ships that are (unintelligible) warships and strategically place them in the world. Iran understands only two things: economic pressure and our military might.”

O’Reilly: You’re gonna put the warships in the Persian Gulf? Because they’ll attack ‘em. You know they’re gonna try to do something if you do that with them there.

Cain: That would be perfectly alright because I believe that we have a superior capability.

O’Reilly: Then you’re in a shooting war with Iran. Do you really want that?

Cain: I don’t want that Bill, but if they fire first, we are going to defend ourselves…

O’Reilly: But isn’t that a provocation?...

Cain: No. They’ve already announced that they’re going to put their ships off our coast in international waters. That’s not a provocation. We’re trying to protect ourselves.

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