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Fox Nation Ignores White Militia Domestic Terrorism?

Reported by Priscilla - November 2, 2011 -

Make a believe that four Muslims were arrested for allegedly attempting to attack US citizens and government employees with the deadly poison Ricin. Imagine that one of them, in defending his "jihad," said "somebody's got to die" and spoke of explosives, hidden in government vans, which are timed to go off when the government workers are in them. Imagine if these "jihadists" alleged that they had radios stolen from the US Government. Imagine if one of them joked about releasing Ricin over the city of Washington DC. You can certainly imagine the outcry from Bill O'Reilly who would bray about how "jihad" is part of Islam and all terrorism is Muslim. Rep. Peter King would be all over Fox news talking about the need for more investigations into radicalization of American Muslims. Fox Nation would have this as a lede story for at least a day and there would lots of crude invective against Muslims. But let's get back to reality which is just as bad.

H/T TPM which has some good info about the "good ole Merkin boys" (actually senior citizens)

Yesterday, four white American guys from Georgia were arrested by federal authorities for attempting to foist a chemical attack on Americans. The quote about somebody dying was made by one of these American, non Muslim jihadists. But nothing, nada, bupkis on the "front page" of Fox Nation (6:50 EST) which loves to play the fear of Islam card at every opportunity. But when a Catholic "pro-lifer" was arrested on his way to kill Planned Parenthood employees, he wasn't mentioned on Fox Nation. And if atheists file suit against Christian crosses on public land, that's considered terrorism against Christians. And the "ground zero mosque" - fahgetaboutit! Can we say double standard when it comes to terrorism on the part of real Merkins?

Oh, and I forgot the best part. The Facebook profile for teabagger Samuel Crump mentions that he likes Fox News. He also has a joke about wanting President Obama to die. Wonder if he's one of the real Merkins who post death threats on Fox Nation bout them, thar Mooselims and President Obama - cuz he sure sounds like one. Betcha if Fox Nation ran a thread, these creeps would be considered Merkin heroes - real "freedom fighters" as opposed to domestic terrorists!

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