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Fox & Friends Not Happy About "Disrespectful" Anti-War Recruiters

Reported by Priscilla - November 2, 2011 -

As I reported in an another thread, Brian Kilmeade seemed quite upset that the Portland OR schools are now allowing those with anti-war views to have the same access to students that military recruiters have. His segment was designed to leave viewers with the impression that this policy is providing the anti-war recruiters with more access than the military despite the fact that this will not begin until January. The Fox propaganda message was that the very existence of these anti-war folks was an unpatriotic slap in the face to the US military. Earlier in the program, the three "morning muppets" (love Gawker) covered the same territory in setting the right wing propaganda meme for the day. While they did correctly note that this is a new policy, their message was that because anti-war recruiters and military recruiters aren't really the same, the policy is silly and "disrespectful of the military." They also worked in the requisite right wing fear and loathing of librul education. Ah, don't ya love the smell of patriotism in the morning!

Gretchen Carlson, who never served, just couldn't understand it. "What do you tell the kids, don't go into the military" she asked in her best incredulous voice. Brain (whoops Brian) Kilmeade, who never served, said that "there's no way that you can put on parallel paths, the military and those who don't like war." He claimed that one is "a department" and the other an "armed forces network" and that "you can't possibly look at both organizations equally but this school is." After Doocy, who never served, read a statement from the school, he played video of parents who support military recruitment and an unidentified man who said that the new policy is about equal access. Gretch was having none of it and conveyed her outraged indignation: "But isn't that the personal choice of the parent and the kid to actually seek out that recruiter who comes to the school on behalf of the military? I mean, what happened to personal responsibility and personal decision-making? It just -- this doesn't add up to me. Someone tell me what the anti-war person would tell the kid if he goes into the military room and then goes into the anti-military room." Doocy then quoted a military recruiter who doesn't have a problem with this. However, when later interviewed by Brian Kilmeade, Thom Cowson must had quaffed a cup of Fox Kool-Aid because he had a totally different take which was consistent with the Fox agitprop. The chyron conveyed the Fox message: "Disrespecting the Military, Anti-War Recruiters Allowed At Schools."

Comment: Gretch wanted to know what the anti-war folks will do. Well golly gosh, gee wiz, Gretch, here's the answer:

"The board plans to ask district staffers to prepare an information packet for distribution at every high school to tell students about military recruiting tactics, their right to have their contact information withheld from the military and other post-high school options for students to serve their country, including AmeriCorps."

Just the facts - a concept alien to the "chuckling cheeseburgers" (love Gawker) on Fox & Friends.

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