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Brian Kilmeade Warns About Unpatriotic "Anti-War Recruiters" In OR Schools

Reported by Priscilla - November 2, 2011 -

The curvy couch crew on Fox & Friends are true Merkin (thank you Aunty Em) patriots who love the military even though none of them have served in it. Last week, Brain (whoops Brian) Kilmeade reported on a pernicious threat to the military that is occurring as a result of evil libruls educators in evil librul Portland Oregon who are, according to the military and Fox News, allowing "anti-war" recruiters to have more access to students than the military. The reality is that the Portland Oregon School Board has just voted to allow those with anti-war views to have the same access to students as does the military. But that's not what you learned on Fox & Friends, not exactly a paragon of "fair & balanced," which conveyed a very different message about unfairness to the military.

Last week, Kilmeade reported that Portland Oregon is allowing "anti-war recruiters" at their high school, the chyron read "Equal Opportunity or Unpatriotic? OR Schools Allow Anti-War Recruiters." Portland must be taking a page from Fox's playbook because, as Kilmeade noted, they want to give students a "balanced view of what military service might mean but not everybody thinks that's the case." Kilmeade then introduced his guest who represented only one side of the issue. So much for Fox "balance." As the "balanced" Fox "Cavuto marked" chyron framed the Fox message "Anti-Military, the PPS Already Banned Military Once," Kilmeade introduced his guest, a military recruiter. Kilmeade asked a scripted leading question designed to elicit a scripted response in keeping with the Fox message: "How hard is your job, knowing that there's anti-war missions going in after or before you?" Lt. Col. Thom Crowson said that he would like to "pretend" it's not a problem but the "reality" is that those commie-pinkos in Portland have never been "on-board" with military recruiters and he's heard from others that Portland is anti-recruiting.

This got Brian's dander up and looking oh-so-pissed he said "wait a minute, you're saying that the anti recruiters have more access than you do right now." (Oh, snap, Fox agitprop gets stated and restated - Wo-hoo!) The chyron was scary: "A Dangerous Mission, Could Pressure Kids Not to Join Military." (oh, no, kids might be convinced not to go to some third world shithole to get themselves blown to shit. oh, no) Crowson provided the requisite anti-teacher/school board agitprop with a comment about "sympathetic teachers and school board members" who allow this treasonous attack on our sacred military. He talked about the great stuff that the military offers other than getting blown to shit. As part of his "balance," Kilmeade played a clip of an unidentified guy who said that if the military comes in there should be a response and they're "not telling kids not to join the military" - a clip that was designed for further agitprop with Kilmeade's incredulous comment, "they're not, that's not what they're saying?"

Poor Brian must have been disappointed as Crowson said that he didn't know because he's not in a classroom with them but other have said that "they're anti-recruiting and anti-military service and not bringing anything to the table." Kilmeade worked in more requisite anti-liberal, anti-teacher agitprop with a comment about how, in Portland, the kids are surrounded by liberal teachers and get a lot of anti-war messages on a regular basis who are "really tilting the playing field" if they give more access to commie pinkos. The Fox chyron was a clear editorial comment: "Playing Fair to Both Sides, All Recruiters Should Get Equal Visits." Kilmeade, not a teacher, recommended that Crowson go to social studies class. He listed several American wars and said "there would be no America without people like you." (Kilmeade isn't a historian because WWI did not threaten America.) Crowson said the military is great.

Comment: Although The Portland School Board just voted on allowing this and it won't start until January, you wouldn't have known this from Kilmeade who presented this supposed lack of access as a current problem. He didn't mention that "District staff members will write rules governing which peace activists can recruit at schools and under what conditions." He didn't mention that other school districts, including Seattle, have had the policy for years without any problems. But it's ironic, don't ya think, that Fox & Friends is promoting fairness and balance! And it's also ironic that in promoting this balance, they're trashing a policy designed to acheive that. And don't ya hate those librul, unpatriotic, commie pinkos in the Pacific Northwest!


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