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A Little Detail Van Susteren Left Out Of Her Cain Interview: Her Husband's A Supporter

Reported by Ellen - November 1, 2011 -

Greta Van Susteren conducted a long, mostly friendly interview with Herman Cain last night in which they went over many details of the sexual harassment allegations that have been made against him. But somehow she forgot to mention that her husband is a self-identified friend of Cain's.

As Politico reported (H/T Media Matters), Van Susteren's husband, John Coale, was found in "the members-only area where Cain was camped out" after Cain's speech to the National Press Club yesterday and was asked if he was there as an advisor or just a friend or supporter.

He replied that he was there as a "friend" of Cain.

Coale, a well-known friend of Sarah Palin and her family, previously told POLITICO that Cain would "be my guy if Sarah doesn't get in," explaining: "The less establishment, the better."

Will slobbering home visits with the Cain family be in the offing if he makes it on to the national ticket?

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