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From Rick Perry’s Campaign To Fox News’ Website

Reported by Ellen - October 30, 2011 -

The only guest on Fox News Sunday today was Republican presidential candidate Rick Perry. As Chris Wallace said in his introduction, Perry’s “campaign staffers talk about trying to reboot Perry 2.0.” Well, Mission Accomplished on FoxNews.com! They called their video of the segment, “Rick Perry Reboots Presidential Campaign.”

I don’t recall any other Republican candidates getting so much time. Herman Cain got 13:14 minutes, Michele Bachmanngot 9:36, and Newt Gingrich got 16:31, e.g. Perry got 26:48. Mitt Romney has refused to appear on the show so far.

That said, I will acknowledge that Wallace was pretty fair and tough with Perry. As Crooks and Liars noted, Wallace characterized the results of Perry’s jobs plan as “terrible.”

Even more noteworthy, Wallace echoed the concerns of those "radical, anti-American" Occupy Wall Street protesters by confronting Perry on the income inequality in this country that his tax plan would likely exacerbate. That discussion starts at about 9:50 in the interview.

Do I smell a Romney supporter in the host’s chair or was Wallace just doing a good job? I report, you decide.

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