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"Civil," "Tolerant" Fox Nation Finds Oakland Police Attacks On Occupy Protesters "Inspiring"

Reported by Ellen - October 29, 2011 -

By Aria and Ellen

As most probably already know, the Occupy Oakland (California) protest turned ugly earlier this week when police fired tear gas at the protesters and an Iraq war veteran became critically injured. Somehow the wounded veteran - who would almost surely have been a hero had he been wounded at a Tea Party protest - never made it into a Fox Nation post about the clash. But the "civil," "tolerant" Fox Nation community found the clash "inspiring" nonetheless. They reacted with comments like, "Hey Oakland Police, use Raid! You'll get rid of the protesters and fleas all in one swoop!" When asked for their opinion of the post, "The Nation" voted it "inspiring."

Apparently, there was a bit too much "inspiration" for the Fox Nation moderators. The comments have since been shut down. But not before Aria grabbed some screen caps:






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